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A "Make-in-Vietnam" open source code email service provider has stated that its service can compete equally with Google and Microsoft.

‘Make in Vietnam’ platforms and sovereignty milestones in digital space

Being open to the world but not depending on technology is a challenge for many countries, not only Vietnam.

MIC launches 'Make in Vietnam' Digital Technology Product Awards 2022

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) on June 22 launched the ‘Make in Vietnam’ Digital Technology Product Awards 2022.

Once ridiculed by ‘sharks’, Dat Bike startup receives $5 million worth of capital

Dat Bike, a Make in Vietnam electric motorbike startup, has successfully called for $5 million in capital.

ICT industry: Aspirations for a powerful Vietnam

2021 was a memorable year for the ICT industry of Vietnam as digital transformation took place in all fields, and technology became one of the pillars of the fight against Covid-19, for Vietnam’s economic recovery and development.

Vietnamese can create Metaverse virtual universes

It is a fact that many Vietnamese are also pursuing the dream of the Metaverse. However, these are only very primitive worlds because Metaverse is not simply about owning a game character and entering the virtual world.


Vietnam wants to make breakthroughs in digital industry

Digital technology industry will become one pillar for the establishment of a digital government and the modernization of the agriculture, industry, and service sectors as well as all aspects of the society.

Big Tech and opportunities for social networks of a new generation

As the world is curbing the influence of tech giants, this presents an opportunity for Vietnamese social networks to create a foothold by finding their own directions.

Make-in-Vietnam key to making VN a digital powerhouse

“Make in Vietnam" is an initiative/slogan launched by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) in 2019, aiming to promote development of the domestic ICT industry. 

More than 14 urgent notifications about Covid-19 transmitted via Zalo in 2021

Zalo, with 67 million active users, plays an important role in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam.

The first 'Make in Vietnam' strong passwordless authentication ecosystem in ASEAN

Since 2019, VinCSS has embarked on research and development of a "Make in Vietnam" ecosystem entirely on strong passwordless authentication with 07 complete solutions and is still being innovated.

Pandemic offers lessons and once-in-a-century opportunity: MIC Minister

Vietnam expects to jump into the second position in the region in terms of digital economy, just following Indonesia, officials have said.

Vietnamese still lack confidence in Vietnam-made technological products

Vietnam’s technology firms are capable of creating technological solutions that solve Vietnamese problems, but they still cannot overcome users’ doubts about their products.

VN tech firms take on mission of developing national digital platforms

The Ministry of Information and Communications has announced the list of 35 national digital platforms need to be developed, and has assigned Vietnam's key tech corporations to research and create these platforms.

Winners of Make in Vietnam Digital Technology Product 2021 Awards announced

Four products received the gold prizes of Make in Vietnam Digital Product Awards 2021 at a ceremony held on December 11.

Digital transformation to be main driver for Vietnam’s economic recovery, development

The National Forum for Development of Digital Technology Businesses 2021 will discuss solutions that will enable digital transformation to be the driving force for economic recovery and development.

South Korean ICT firms to contribute to ‘Make in Vietnam’ strategy

South Korean ICT firms have been encouraged to invest in Da Nang as Vietnam is prioritizing investment in hi-tech and innovation projects with a focus on R&D.

Vietnam to honor Top 50 security experts

Every year, Vietnam will honor the Top 50 security experts who have contributed to detecting security holes of national digital platforms.


Five Make-in-Vietnam start-ups call for investment

Cyber Apply Vietnam, EM&AI, MOVAN ISO, tMonitor and MiSmart are five startups selected by the Vietnamese Ministry of Science to introduce to investors.

‘Make-in-Vietnam’ cloud computing and the opportunity to gain market share at home

Cloud computing platforms will be a new-generation telecommunications infrastructure used for the development of a digital government, economy and society.