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Ten years ago, wealthy people said ‘no’ to properties located far from the center of cities, but more are now moving from the crowded inner city to the suburbs, where they can enjoy fresh air and less noise.

Apartment prices keep escalating despite pandemic

Contrary to all predictions, the real estate market has been hot during the pandemic. People are rushing to buy apartments for fear that prices will escalate after the pandemic ends.

Street-front high-rise owners incur losses as renters leave

The long fourth Covid-19 outbreak and social distancing regulations have posed great challenges to the office leasing market.

Multi-million dollar apartments up for sale despite COVID-19

Despite the pandemic impacting the resort, hotel and rental market, the housing and apartment segment still has projects for sale at record prices.

Land fever falls flat, prices fall

The Ministry of Construction said that the real estate market is under control and stable. Land prices have decreased by 10-20 percent.

Real estate developers circumvent laws to mobilize capital

Some real estate developers engage in dishonest practices: One apartment is sold to many people. Developers receive deposits and take reservations though the legal status is unclear. 

Real estate market expected to recover when pandemic is under control

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a slowdown in the property market but many experts believe this is only temporary and are pinning their hopes on a rebound once the virus is under control.


Money once poured into real estate now goes to fashion

Real estate, in the eyes of investors, is the most profitable and least risky business field.

PM wants to reform tax regime to prevent real estate speculation

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has emphasized that the national housing strategy needs to include reasonable social housing development, and the tax regime on land speculators should be adjusted.

Taxing unoccupied villas: one solution for creating fair housing market

A reasonable taxation policy is expected to help settle several problems, including excessive investment in high-end apartment and villa projects, and speculation buying.


Taxing rental apartments: lessors and lessees will face difficulties

Imposing tax on the leasing of apartments and business premises is not a new idea, but the method of taxation remains controversial.

Multi-billion VND apartment buildings unoccupied in central Hanoi

Many apartment buildings in Hanoi have been left idle for many years, even while many people seek accommodations.

Land price hikes stop, but property remains expensive

Though land fever has eased, prices are still high. The apartments in projects in advantageous positions are being offered at sky-high prices of VND300-400 million per square meter.

Land fever: speculators spread rumors to push prices up

Land prices recently soared by VND30-50 million per square meter in some places, but the number of successful transactions was modest.

'Land fever' is subsiding

The real estate market has begun cooling down after a long hot spell.

Purchase of second homes by well-off families rises in rural areas outside big cities

The play of children in Hoa Binh was interrupted recently by luxury cars passing by driven by wealthy people who were seeking to buy land in their home village.

'Land fever' harming the economy: experts

Realtors typically seek profits by developing the investment value of land, rather than by increasing land prices.

Construction Ministry to cool down real estate market, prioritize affordable housing

Minister of Construction Nguyen Thanh Nghi said the ministry will change the policies related to the development of affordable housing by adopting a new mindset.

Amid 'land fever', Can Gio district prohibits civil servants from working as land brokers

Land prices in the HCM City suburban district of Can Gio have been soaring following the news that Can Gio will become an inner city district, or a city in the future. The local authorities have prohibited civil servants from acting as land brokers.

Hanoi developments induce delay fluster

Tens of millions of dollars poured into infrastructure together with new planning projects have added vibrancy to Hanoi’s real estate market,