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In some localities in the country, no new supermarket has been set up over the last seven years.

Retailers leave apartment buildings, shophouses close

Many retailers have left apartment buildings where they had done business for years. Some shophouses on the first floor of buildings are deserted and dark in Hanoi at night.

Villa rent plummets, villa owners told to pay tax

The income of the owners of villas and street-front houses has dropped dramatically over the last year because of low demand. Many owners have been told to pay tax if their revenue is over VND100 million a year.

Foreign retailers make quiet landing as domestic counterparts shut down

Many shops hit hard by Covid-19 have had to close, but some foreign retailers have taken advantage of the opportunity to scale up their business in Vietnam.


Retail property market saw many changes in 2020 due to pandemic: Savills

The COVID-19 pandemic caused retail revenue to drop sharply in 2020, impacting the domestic retail property market, according to Savills Vietnam.

Lemon tea, bubble yogurt chains shut down in 2020

The year 2020 challenged the courage of owners of cafes and lemon tea shops who struggled to survive the pandemic, lockdowns and consumers’ fastening their purse strings.

Many real estate firms owe tax as projects die

A high number of businesses in the real estate sector are developers of 'clinically dead' projects, or projects that have disputes with clients.

Hanoi retail market: Landlords reshuffle tenant mixes

Landlords need to be more open to different kinds of tenants to meet the actual requirements.

Retail spaces left empty as shops go online

Although Vietnam has managed to effectively contain the Covid-19 outbreak, many unsuccessful shops have shut down, as retailers have opted to go online to reduce operation costs, with the trend expected to grow further in the coming time.

Businesses in HCM City's central business districts are idle as demand is weak

Many streetfront buildings in large cities that house shops that were busy in the past are idle because business activities have declined due to Covid-19.

More streetfront houses up for sale in HCMC center

More landlords want to sell townhouses after Covid-19, which has caused prices of houses in inner HCM City to slightly decrease in the second quarter.

Chain business models under spotlight after Egroup woes

Locally-invested private firm Egroup, primarily involved in education and tech, has been bogged down in difficulties due to its heavy investment into two businesses in Vietnam, which are also facing passive losses.

Retailers say rent for retail premised are too expensive

Chair of the Vietnam Retail Association (VRA) Vu Thi Hau, at a recently held event, complained about the suffering borne by Vietnamese retailers. 

Business rents on the decrease

Many realtors have slashed retail premises rent by 20-40 percent to help tenants survive Covid-19, which is damaging the economy.

Vietnamese businesses, landlords lean on each other to survive epidemic

Many shopping malls and landlords have accepted to lower retail premises rent or exempt rent to help tenants overcome difficulties at this time.

HCM City: Retail premises rent declines as beer shops shut down

Businesses now have bigger choices for retail premises as the rent has decreased significantly.

Land prices escalate in some localities, ‘bogus’ projects break out

The real estate market was lackluster last year. The land fever in early 2019 was followed by a sharp decline in supply and the number of transactions.

Vietnam attracts foreign fast-fashion brands

Zara’s revenue reached VND1.7 trillion in 2018, six times higher than 2016 thanks to the Vietnamese people’s preference for fast fashion styles.

Is the bubble tea craze in Vietnam over?

So many bubble tea shops joined the market in recent years that many of them have had to give up the game.

High retail rent eating into F&B chains’ profits

Forced to pay high rent for retail premises, many F&B chains have had to shut down.