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Feature phones still popular in Vietnam

Analysts thought that with the increased popularity of smartphones, feature phones would disappear from the market. However, a high proportion of loyal users still exists. 

Snatchers grab at a multiple choice question

A famous funny video that’s doing the rounds of WhatsApp, YouTube and other social media for a few years now has a man on a motorbike stopping on a somewhat deserted road to give money to a poor beggar huddled on the sidewalk.

Smartphone market: Vietnamese brands thrive among foreign giants

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese smartphone brands have been struggling to cement their positions in the market dominated by strong foreign brands with both high-end and mid-range products.

Battle of big smartphone manufacturers heats up in 2016

In the high-end market segment, Vietnamese customers have seen a fierce battle between the two giants Samsung and Apple, while in the mid-end market, competition was mostly between Samsung and Oppo.

What if Nokia’s return is successful?

VietNamNet Bridge - Nokia plans to target the mid-tier and low-cost market segments, which analysts believe will threaten the dominance of Oppo in the Vietnamese market.

Vietnamese smartphone brands drop in popularity

VietnamNet Bridge - Tens of Vietnamese smartphone brands have been made, but only two of them sell well.

Vietnamese still want to buy Galaxy Note 7 despite explosion problems

VietNamNet Bridge - Though Samsung has officially recalled Galaxy Note 7 due to the explosion risk, Vietnamese are still looking to buy the products. 

Cheap Chinese phones see slow sales as Samsung, Apple remain strong

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese are now tending to choose high-end smartphone models instead of cheaper Chinese phones Huawei, Vivo and Xiaomi.

iPhone 7 available from unofficial sources at private shops

VietNamNet Bridge - iPhone 7 has yet to be officially distributed in Vietnam, but private shops are selling the phone from unofficial channels. 

Vietnam expected to see 4G smartphone boom

VietNamNet Bridge - The mobile device market is expected to see strong development in 4G smartphones. 

Vietnamese spending more money on smartphones

VietNamNet Bridge - The average price of smartphones sold in Vietnam is VND5 million, higher than last year’s price of VND4.2 million.

Where will Nokia stand in the Vietnamese market when it returns?

VietNamNet Bridge - Sources all say that Nokia has been hurrying to employ and train workers to prepare for its return to Vietnam.

Chinese smartphones make massive landing in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - In 2016, the global smartphone market witnessed the strong rise of brands from China.

The end of QWERTY keyboard phones in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Mobile phones with QWERTY keyboards have gradually disappeared from the Vietnamese market as manufacturers have stopped making the products and customers are no longer interested in them.

What a naive robber!

 VietNamNet Bridge – Police of District 3 in HCM City has remanded Tran Quoc Quy, 15, in custody for allegedly robbing a smart phone from a Russian tourist early last week.

Smartphone to detect water leakage

 VietNamNet Bridge – If you discover water leakage at home, you can now use an app on your smartphone to call the technicians and give them directions to your home.

Locking stolen mobile phones with IMEI not feasible: ministry of public security

VietNamNet Bridge - The solution suggested by the HCMC People’s Committee to prevent the theft of mobile phones by locking stolen phones based on IMEI is not feasible.

Courses on smartphone use held for old people

 VietNamNet Bridge – Smartphones are no longer a luxury for Vietnamese consumers as their prices have been steadily dipping. Many young people, especially those who are tech-savvy, have a high smartphone adoption rate 

Old feature phones selling better than iPhones in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Reports from market survey firms all show that the sales of feature phones have been higher than those for medium- and high-end products.

BPhone, a year later, called ‘dud bomb"

VietNamNet Bridge - BPhone was brought into life in an impressive way, but the smartphone which was hoped to be ‘Vietnamese technological pride’ did not have an impressive performance in the last year.