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Local Vsmart phones reports better sales than Apple in retail channel

 Phones made by local manufacturer Vsmart have surpassed those of US giant Apple, in terms of retail revenue in the Vietnamese market in January.

Will Chinese low-cost smartphones in Vietnam lose market share?

Analysts believe that an agreement between Viettel, a mobile network operator, and Vsmart, a mobile phone manufacturer, could drive Chinese smartphones into a corner.

Vsmart phones surpass Apple in retail

For the first time since launching in the market, Vsmart has surpassed Apple in retail revenue.

iPhone 11 price falls after one month in Vietnam

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max have seen prices decrease by VND500,000 and VND1 million, respectively. The sharpest price reduction, VND1.5 million, has been reported for iPhone 11 Pro.

VinSmart creates VOS operating system for Vietnamese smartphone market

From the original Android, VinSmart has created a new operating system – VOS - specifically tailored for the Vietnamese market.

Low-cost smartphones – a new strategy of Vsmart?

With reasonable selling prices and Vietnamese brand, Vsmart’s products are capable of dislodging Chinese brands from the Vietnamese market.

Used Apple Watches arrive in Vietnam en masse at cheap prices

The Apple Watch Series 1 are being sold without charging accessories and watchbands.

Who are the potential clients for Vsmart’s huge smartphone plant?

As the habit of Vietnamese smartphone users has changed, mobile network operators in Vietnam can now cooperate with Vsmart to provide smartphones at low prices with associated service packages.

Mobile market on decline, distributors see different business results

Mobile phone sales in the Vietnamese market decreased in the last three months, which has been anticipated.

The different fates of Vietnamese mobile phone brands

While Mobiistar products have disappeared from large distribution chains, Vsmart Live have been selling like hot cakes, though both are Vietnamese brands.

Apple turns green light on for resellers to cut iPhone prices

The selling price of officially distributed iPhone 11 6GB quoted by authorized resellers is just VND600,000 higher than unofficially distributed products.

Vsmart says its smartphone ‘quite different’ from Chinese product

A representative of Vsmart said the manufacturer will design smartphones and increase the locally made content in products to 60 percent by 2020.

Vietnamese iFans worried about Apple’s news warranty policy

Under the new policy, users have to show the invoice of genuine products for warranty service. This has directly affected users of MacBook and iPads bought from unauthorized dealers.

Vietnamese have only two choices for high-end smartphones

Apple and Samsung are now controlling the high-end smartphone market segments. Other brands have disappeared.

Vietnamese smartphone brands disappear, sales poor

Home markets are the biggest markets for Chinese, South Korea, Japanese and Amercian mobile phone manufacturers, but this has not occurred in Vietnam.

Are Huawei’s troubles affecting Digiworld, The Gioi Di Dong, FPT Retail?

Analysts of VnDirect Securities believe that the ban would have big impact on the Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer, but the Vietnamese smartphone market will not be affected much.

Vietnamese sell Huawei phones after US imposes ban on company

The news that Google has canceled cooperation with Huawei has raised concern that Huawei phones cannot be updated with Android software.

Previous-generation iPhone models drop in price, rise in demand

Following official price adjustments of a series of next-generation models, including XS, XS Max and XR, the prices of previous-generation models available at private shops have also dropped sharply.

Schools waver between allowing or prohibiting mobile phones

General school regulations prohibit students from using mobile phones, but schools admit they cannot control the situation.

Pre-Tet, high-end smartphone prices plummet but old models remain popular

VietNamNet Bridge - Retailers have slashed the prices of many smartphone models, but sales are still going slowly in the peak sales season of the year.