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Red River North city to be new growth pole for Hanoi

With great potential and advantage of being located near Noi Bai International Airport, the connection point of the East-West corridor, the city in the northern part of the Red River will be the new growth pole of the capital city.

Lack of parking spaces and clamping culture leads to conflicts

On March 28, Nguyễn Trung Dũng, 28, a security guard at a residential complex in Gia Lâm District, was killed after a taxi driver purposefully crashed into Dũng from behind.

Hanoi to build two new cities, creating springboard for Hoa Lac, Noi Bai areas

Architect Ngo Doan Duc believes that Hanoi needs to create policies to attract talent and investors to build two new cities in Hoa Lac and Noi Bai.

Vietnam targets to have 5 urban cities of international standards by 2045

The country should have a high level of urbanization comparable to ASEAN and Asia by 2045.

Hanoi to create new urban clusters, and satellite cities until 2030

The city would closely oversee the construction of sky-scrapers and population growth in the co area.

Good urban planning will help reduce traffic jams in Hanoi

The rapid increase of private vehicles along with poor infrastructure has caused increasingly complicated traffic in Hanoi.

Vietnam seeks solutions to keep up with green urban development trend

In Vietnam, a growing number of cities and municipalities are embracing this trend and are making plans to develop green urban areas that will help to protect the environment and support healthy, thriving communities.

Localities take action to stop delayed projects

Dong Nai, Hanoi, Vinh Phuc, Quang Tri and other localities have announced they will revoke a series of projects that have been slow in implementation.

Urban areas, parks to be built on Red River alluvium grounds

Hanoi authorities plan to build new urban areas and eco-friendly housing, and develop open space with parks, urban squares and flood parks on thousands of hectares on the alluvium grounds of the Red River area.

Hanoi to turn middle alluvium ground into park

One more park has been designed for Hanoians. However, it is still unclear when the project will appear, as a number of other projects are still on paper or pending.

By 2045, Vietnam wants to have five metropolises of international stature

Vietnam's action plan to achieve Resolution No.06-NQ/TW of the Politburo calls for the establishment of five vibrant urban metropolises by 2045.

Hanoians look forward to large amusement park after years of delays

Sixty-eight years have elapsed since the capital city's liberation day (October 10, 1954), but Hanoi still doesn’t have an amusement park that fits the scale and stature of the city and its 10 million residents.

Old, dilapidated university dormitories in Hanoi are in dire need of renovation

The Ministry of Education and Training is developing standards for higher education institutions, including that dormitories and facilities must comply with regulations and provide accommodation for at least 25 per cent of the total students.

Hanoi needs better management at parks

Living in concrete houses and lusting for greenery, Hanoians often hesitate to enter parks because each park has its own way of management.

Hanoi to develop two satellite cities

Hanoi plans to build two dependent cities north of the Red River and in the west.

Establishment of regional development advisory council suggested

Former Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Tran Anh Tuan has suggested a model for managing regional linkages comprising a regional connection steering committee and a regional development advisory council.

Tan Son Nhat to be part of airport urban development project

Ho Chi Minh City aims to develop Tan Son Nhat Airport urban area with commercial and service streets associated with transportation.

Hanoi examines, revokes pending projects

Hanoi needs to remove barriers and obstacles preventing growth.

Hanoi should learn lessons from the past in urban planning

Hanoi has announced the master plan for the Red River urban area, with a scale of 1/5000.

Provinces urged to renovate aging apartment buildings

The Ministry of Construction has written to cities and provinces urging them to repair and rebuild aging apartment buildings there as the central Government has rolled out a loan package totaling VND15 trillion for housing investors.