Vietnam-China trade

Update news Vietnam-China trade

VietNamNet Bridge - Doing business with China is one of the biggest problems Vietnam has to deal with as it integrates more deeply into the global economy, economists have said.

Weaker yuan presses Vietnam’s rice price down

VietNamNet Bridge - As predicted, importers have tried to lower Vietnam’s rice price after the Chinese government’s devaluation of the yuan. 

Agencies cannot explain $20 billion discrepancy in China-VN trade figures

VietNamNet Bridge - The $20 billion gap between China’s and Vietnam’s figures about trade revenue still cannot be explained. 

VN urged to tap China trade, investment

China is expected to import more than $10 trillion in goods and services and invest $500 billion abroad in the next five years, offering opportunities for Viet Nam and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Smuggled goods from China still cannot be quantified

VietNamNet Bridge - The General Statistics Office (GSO) says it is unreasonable to attribute the $20 billion gap in figures about Vietnam-China trade released by Vietnamese and Chinese agencies to smuggling.

Import turnover figures from China, Vietnam differ by $20 million

VietNamNet Bridge - Chinese and Vietnamese agencies have released conflicting figures on import turnover from China that differ by US$20 million, according to the Vietnam Economics Institute which quoted a report from a Chinese statistical agency.

Are $20 billion of China goods unofficially entering Vietnam?

NA deputy Mai Huu Tin made a “shocking” speech at the National Assembly meeting on Monday about the trade deficit between Vietnam and China, an underground economy and the "protective coat" of the economy which is being torn.

Where have $20 billion worth of Chinese imports gone?

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam said it imported $43.9 billion worth of products from China in 2014, but China said the figure was $63.8 billion. 

Trade deficit returns in the wake of lower crude oil prices

VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam could see a trade deficit in 2015 after three consecutive years of a surplus, as prices for crude oil, which Vietnam exports, have plummeted.


 Amata to pour US$530 mil into Vietnam; Ministry of Finance clamps down on beer consumption; Stock market yet to function as major fund raising channel; Vietnam-China trade surges in Jan-Aug;
August sees more business suspensions than start-ups

Chinese oil rig affects Chinese and Vietnamese business

 VietNamNet Bridge –China’s deployment of an oil rig and its provocative activities in the East Sea will not do anything good for both Chinese and Vietnamese businessmen.