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Part 1: VND5 million a month not enough for physician to live a normal life

“As I have worked for 22 months, I had to pay compensation of VND44.5 million for 14 months, in cash. I was dazed because of the figure,” N.N.A., a physician in HCM City, said.

Health sector suffers from institutional bottlenecks

To settle shortages of drugs and medical equipment, the Ministry of Health (MOH) and other ministries need to give advice to the government to build a long-term legal framework to manage bidding.

Vietnamese dialysis centres overloaded

Dialysis centres in Vietnam are facing overloading due to the rising number of people suffering from kidney problems.

AstraZeneca Vietnam Company and Vietnamese Ministry of Health sign MOU

Today, AstraZeneca Vietnam Company and the Ministry of Health signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote joint programs in improving comprehensive health care for Vietnamese people.

Severe, widespread medical shortages lead to elective surgery delays

This decision was made to allocate medical equipment and resources towards patients in critical condition, leaving many patients waiting for treatment.

Vietnamese doctors help with robotic surgeries in Philippines

Doctors from Binh Dan Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City have assisted their colleagues at Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center (CGHMC) of the Philippines with using robots to perform Gastrointestinal (GI) cancer surgeries.

More anti-venom serum needed as number of snakebites increases

Vietnam can only produce two anti-venom serums against the bites of the Trimeresurus stejnegeri snake and Monocled cobra at a time when the number of snakebite victims has steadily increased.

Vietnam makes hallmark on world medical map

Over the past years, Vietnam's health sector has made big strides with and many difficult techniques successfully applied, helping the country gain a foothold on the world medical map.

Southern localities on alert as fresh avian influenza outbreak recorded near border

The National Pasteur Institute in HCM City has issued an urgent telegram requesting 20 southern provinces and cities to strengthen surveillance and prevent avian influenza virus entering after Cambodia recorded two cases of A/H5N1 virus infection.

Vietnam needs a policy to promote pre-marital health tests

The Ministry of Health’s General Department of Population and Family Planning has coordinated with localities to implement pre-marital counseling and health examination in 63 cities and provinces since 2013.

People should keep alert to Marburg virus disease

The Marburg virus disease has not yet occurred in Vietnam, but people need to keep an eye on it and update the recommendations of the health sector to actively prevent this disease.

Obstetrician saves hundreds of babies with new, world-class techniques

An obstetrician has saved hundreds of babies in their mothers’ wombs. She is Dr. Nguyen Thi Sim from Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital.

Vietnam assists Laos in first two kidney transplantation cases

A press conference was held in Vientiane on January 9 to announce the first two successful kidney transplantation cases in Laos with the support of Vietnam’s Military Hospital 103 on December 31.

Doctors save baby weighing only 0.5kg

The 34-year-old mother can now hold her baby in her arms after four miscarriages. The baby boy was born in the 25th week of pregnancy, weighing only 0.5 kilograms.

Thousands of people pray at Hanoi temple on full moon day of last lunar year

On the last full moon day of the lunar year (January 6), thousands of people flocked to Phu Tay Ho temple on the shores of Hanoi's West Lake, dedicated to the Mother Goddess Princess Lieu Hanh, to perform rituals.

National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology successfully saves 500-gram premature baby

The National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology on January 3 announced that its doctors had successfully nurtured a 500-gram premature baby weighing only 500 grams at 25 weeks gestation.

Vietnam in need of more village-based midwives

Vietnam is in need of village-based midwives as the country has more than 7,000 remote and disadvantaged villages where women do not regularly get antenatal care at medical facilities.

Medical equipment shortage plagues cancer treatment

The serious lack of medical equipment, particularly radiotherapy machines, has caused long waiting time for thousands of cancer patients at K Hospital in Hanoi.

Twin with one in amniotic sac given birth in Vietnam

The Central General Hospital in Quang Nam has performed caesarean sections on a pregnant woman with twins, including one still in the amniotic sac, a condition that rarely occurred.

Degraded infrastructure and lack of investment affects health services in HCM City

At Hoc Mon General Hospital, medical workers usually wear plastic boots to receive patients; when it rains, the hospital's examination room floods.