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COVID-19 makes a difference in digital transformation in health care

With Vietnam being considered one of the world’s safe nations it is currently doing well in terms of public health in relating to COVID-19 prevention and treatment activities in three phases, before, during, and after the pandemic.

Coin removed from little girl’s stomach

A coin was removed from a four-year-old girl’s stomach 14 hours after she swallowed it in Da Nang City.

Suffering of the poor eased by Major’s touch

Since he signed up with the border guard force in 1995, army medic Major Ninh Cong Khanh has provided free treatment to thousands of poor fishermen and their families in Hoa Hiep Bac Ward 

Antimicrobial resistance increases in VN, mostly due to antibiotic overuse

A 56-year-old patient from Binh Thuan Province was hospitalised recently at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in HCM City for prolonged fever and diarrhoea.

First Vietnamese patient cured of Hematohidrosis

After three years of treatment, the first Vietnamese person diagnosed with Hematohidrosis has recovered.

Cervical cancer patients on the rise: doctors

The number of women with cervical cancer is increasing in Vietnam, health experts warned.

Vietnam's first liver-transplantation patient dies

Vietnam’s first survivor Nguyen Thi Diep, 26, passed away on November 28, 17 years after liver transplantation in 2004.

New M&As in healthcare can evade pandemic uncertainties

Mergers and acquisitions in Vietnam’s healthcare and pharmaceutical sector in 2020 have been held up due to the global health crisis – but prospects remaining enticing thanks to new drivers of interest.

Antimicrobial resistance remains high in Vietnam

Antibiotics are overused and misused widely in Vietnam, health experts have warned, calling for drastic measures to curb antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in the country.

Public health portal officially launched

The Vietnam Public Health Portal was officially launched by the Ministry of Health on November 20, aimed at facilitating liaising with services provided by the health sector.

Doctors carry out organ transplant to 6 patients from brain-dead donor

The Hanoi-based 108 Military Central Hospital has performed a multiple organ transplantation with organs taken from a brain dead donor, saving the lives of six different patients.

Vietnamese doctors carry out first-ever intestine transplants from live donors

The biggest difficulty in intestine transplantation is connecting arteries and veins to nourish the transplanted organ.

Over 5.3 millions of Vietnamese people have pre-diabetes

Around 5.3 millions of Vietnamese people or 8.6 percent of the country’s population have pre-diabetes, announced Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Diabetes and Endocrinology Tran Huu Dang.

Ministry of Health tightens the management of medical waste during floods

The Ministry of Health (MoH) has told health facilities in flood-hit areas to prioritise clean water and ensure the areas are thoroughly disinfected to stop the spread of diseases.

Vietnamese doctor on the frontline against COVID-19

Dr Nguyen Trung Cap and his colleagues at the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Hanoi shaved their heads during their long stay at the hospital fighting COVID-19.

Kidney dialysis treatment falling short in Vietnam

Just one third of all kidney dialysis patients nationwide are receiving proper treatment, a health congress held in Hanoi was told on Saturday.

Digital technology in the health service

Professor Tran Quy Tuong, director general of the Agency of Information Technology at the Ministry of Health, talks about the use of electronic health records.

Waiting for a second miracle

Lying on the bed of the Military Hospital 103 in Hanoi with jaundiced skin, Nguyen Thi Diep, 25 years old, is waiting for her second liver transplant.

Elderly healthcare goals envisaged as VN is among fastest ageing societies

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has recently passed an elderly healthcare program figuring out elderly healthcare goals through 2030.

Breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy improves patients' quality of life

A 48-year-old woman from HCM City lacked confidence around her friends after having half of her breast removed because of a cancerous tumour.