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Ministry asks for detailed reports on health worker resignations

The Ministry of Health has just asked health departments in localities to report on the rising number of resignations among health workers.

Vietnam faces shortfall of nearly 24,000 preventive medicine workers

Vietnam is suffering from a shortage of 23,866 preventive medicine workers, including nearly 8,000 doctors and around 4,000 workers with a Bachelor’s in public health, according to the anti-Covid steering committee’s report released on January 20.

Should private hospitals be allowed to provide treatment to Covid-19 patients?

HCM City authorities have recently asked the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance to consider permitting private healthcare facilities to provide Covid-19 treatment services to patients on demand. 

The sleepless nights of doctors of the ‘Companion Physicians’ network

On August 17, when hearing from a volunteer that two members of a family with four Covid patients were getting worse, Nguyen Van Chanh of the ‘Thay thuoc dong hanh’ network (Companion Physicians) immediately picked up the phone.

40 provinces and cities to send medical staff to HCM City and southern provinces

The government has asked 40 provinces and cities to urgently mobilize health workers to send to Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces to fight the Covid-19 epidemic.

The room that is always lit at field hospitals

At field hospitals, medical staff are not only constantly busy treating Covid-19 patients but are also overwhelmed with administrative papers.

Man dies after being turned away by hospitals, PM asks for investigation

PM Pham Minh Chinh on Tuesday asked Binh Duong province to investigate a case in which a man died at home after five medical facilities in the province reportedly refused to provide him with emergency care last Friday night.

2-year-old's eardrum nearly punctured after 20 fly larvae found in ear

If the patient had been hospitalized later, the larvae would have burrowed deep into the girl's middle ear, causing injury and perforating the eardrum, seriously affecting her hearing.

2,500 doctors give remote consultancy to Covid-19 patients nationwide

The ‘Thay thuoc dong hanh’ (Companion physicians) network has mobilized 2,500 doctors and nurses nationwide to give advice to Covid-19 patients who cannot go to medical units.

Service boosts with hospital autonomy

Hospital autonomy is proving to be an optimal solution to enable state-run hospitals to increase their operational efficiency, thus better benefiting locals.

The miraculous journey of a patient who was in hospital for 11 years

In the last 11 years of his hemophilia treatment, Phan Huu Nghiem experienced 26 surgeries. His medical file has at least 65 medical records.

E-medical records’ data to be connected among hospitals from July 1

Electronic medical record data will be connected among hospitals and health facilities across the country from July 1.

Ministries to develop "vaccine passport"

The Ministry of Health is cooperating with the Ministry of Information and Communications to develop a “vaccine passport,” said Deputy Minister of Health Do Xuan Tuyen at the launching ceremony for the Vietnam Digital Awards 2021 on March 30.

Young doctor at COVID-19 frontline honoured among Vietnamese outstanding youth

At just 32-years-old, Dr Tran Anh Tu is one of the youngest members of a special team of the National Steering Committee on COVID-19 Prevention and Control.

Doctor turned politician still dedicated to treating poor people

Over the past 20 years, after finishing work Mau Van Phi usually drives his old motorbike to offer medical check-ups and treatment to impoverished people, mostly of the Raglai ethnicity, in Khanh Vinh District in the central province of Khanh Hoa.

Woman has giant facial tumour removed

A 74-year-old woman from the central province of Ha Tinh has had a rare tumour removed from her face.

Lack of post-stroke rehabilitation facilities affects patient recovery

A shortage of stroke rehabilitation facilities nationwide is affecting recovery for many patients, doctors have said.  

Young doctor pursues nuclear medicine to improve cancer treatment

Doctor Mai Hong Son, who works at the 108 Military Central Hospital in Hanoi, did not choose nuclear medicine in the first place yet 10 years of hard work and diligent learning have turned him into an award-winning expert and researcher in the field.

Doctors first perform successful surgery for pelvis transplant

Vietnamese doctors have successfully completed the country’s first-ever pelvis transplant on a patient suffering from bone cancer.

Don’t privatise public hospitals: former NA official

Former vice-chairman of National Assembly’s Committee for Culture, Education, Youth and Children Le Nhu Tien talked about problems that occur when public hospitals and medical centres are allowed to attract non-State investment.