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Car rental app seeks investment capital from Shark Tank

Car rental apps are a new business model that has appeared in Vietnam recently. The current rental is VND200,000-400,000 for every two hours of use.

VTVGo to be included on all smart TVs in Vietnam

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has asked all TV manufacturers in Vietnam to include the national digital television platform VTVGo on the main application screen and put keyboard shortcuts on the remote control.

Debate stirs as people must pay fee for social-insurance app passwords

If they forget passwords, users of the social insurance app VSSID have to send a message to ask for new passwords and pay a VND1,000 fee.

Campaign launched to detect loopholes on anti-COVID-19 tech platforms

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has rolled out a campaign to detect security loopholes on COVID-19 prevention and control tech platforms.

Technological platform used in provinces for testing management

A tech platform that takes testing samples and gives test results online is being used in nine provinces. About 26 localities are also planning to use it.

40% of Covid-19 cases in Hanoi found through electronic medical declaration screening

As many as 13,579 people reporting coughing and high temperature on medical declarations turned out to be positive cases, amounting to 40 percent of total cases of the city.

People in need and benefactors find each other on Made-in-Vietnam app

Zalo CONNECT, one of the important technology platforms to support Covid-19 affected people, is managed by the National Technology Center for Covid-19 Prevention and Control.

Population database-based COVID-19 vaccination management system to be launched

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has agreed with the Ministry of Public Security’s proposal on the application of COVID-19 vaccination management system on the foundation of the national population database.

Millions of people register for vaccinations via app

The application is designed for people to actively register for vaccinations, make medical declarations, update post-vaccination reactions and get electronic vaccination certificates.

Vietnam has over 40 million people using Bluezone

According to the latest data from the Authority of Information Technology Application of the Ministry of Information & Communications, by July 12 there had been a total of 40.21 million downloads of the Bluezone application. 

Mobile apps help city to fight Covid-19

Due to the complexity of the latest Covid-19 outbreak in HCM City, residents have been asked to download and install the apps named ‘Y Tế HCM’ and ‘Tổng đài 1022’ on their iOS or Android devices for ease of health declaration and information updates.

Vietnamese game expected to be another Flappy Bird

With the price tripling within one week and the capitalization value hitting nearly $1 billion, Axie Infinity, the Blockchain-based game project developed by Vietnamese, has become a global phenomenon.