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Billionaire Tran Dinh Long’s assets have fallen by $1.6 billion this year, while billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong has lost $2 billion.

Vietnam has one more dollar billionaire on Forbes’ list

In the latest list of world billionaires in 2022 announced by Forbes magazine (USA), Vietnam has a new billionaire - Nova Group Chairman Bui Thanh Nhon.

Billionaire list: Tran Dinh Long loses position, new names emerge

The HPG shares of Hoa Phat Group have seen a fall in price to VND35,900 per share, while billionaire Tran Dinh Long fell from the second position on the list of Vietnamese stock billionaires.

Forbes names seven Vietnamese billionaires on 2022 rankings

Forbes has announced its list of 2,668 billionaires in the world in 2022, including seven Vietnamese executives.

Vietnamese billionaires enter global billion-dollar game: Risks and benefits

The ambition of Vietnamese billionaires is no longer limited to revenue and profit. New directions have opened and ambitious Vietnamese entrepreneurs aim to enter the global game.

Great potential for luxury goods in Vietnam

Vietnam currently has five USD billionaires and may have six by 2025. With the rise of the rich, the Vietnamese market will be a fertile land for luxury brands.

The latest list of the richest people in Vietnam

According to the latest update from Forbes, total assets of the six billionaires in Vietnam as of December 23, 2021 were up to 19.5 billion USD.

Vietnamese billionaires’ assets grow to nearly US$3 billion more in 2021

The total assets of six Vietnamese billionaires by December 23 reached nearly 20 billion USD, an increase of nearly 3 billion USD compared to figures announced by Forbes at the beginning of the year.

Billionaire owner of VietJet among richest businesswomen in SE Asia

The positive signs in the stock market recently have helped Vietnamese billionaires, including Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, become richer.

Business stories May 31–June 6

People who are worth VND500 trillion are listed among the top 30 richest persons in the US and the top 17 in China, according to Forbes. In Vietnam, such a person would be at the top.

Forbes names six Vietnamese billionaires in latest rich list

Globally-renowned business magazine Forbes has just released its annual list of the world’s billionaires, including six billionaires from Vietnam.

Owner of US$7 billion system, billionaire Nguyen Dang Quang takes new step

After Masan Group's acquisition of Vingroup’s retail chain, Masan’s Nguyen Dang Quang took great steps to master the $7 billion system and form an ecosystem for Vietnamese people.

Vietnamese billionaires’ net worth increases after battling headwinds of 2020

2020 was a difficult year for the global economy including Viet Nam, but some Vietnamese billionaires still saw their net asset value increase.

The turning points in the lives of Vietnamese billionaires

Once dreaming of becoming a university lecturer, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao finally became a businesswoman and billionaire. Others became billionaires though they did not complete or even attend university.

Six Vietnamese billionaires in Forbes magazine's 2020 list

The number of billionaires in Viet Nam increased by two from four in the April’s list to six on Forbes magazine's 2020 list of the world's richest people.

Steel manufacturer has $1.1 billion thanks to huge public investment package

Strong cash flow to the stock market, a VND700 trillion package for public investment, and high demand for ingot steel from China have all helped billionaire Tran Dinh Long pocket more money despite the Covid-19 crisis.

'Boss Thuy' may be among top 50 Vietnamese billionaires after trillion-dong deal

Nguyen Duc Thuy, informally known as Boss Thuy, may be added to the list of the 50 richest billionaires in Vietnam after a transfer deal worth trillions of dong made late last week.

Vietnamese tycoons who returned from Eastern Europe

 VietNamNet Bridge - The following tycoons started their business in Eastern Europe and had great achievements there, but they returned home to contribute to build the country's economy.

Nicknames of Vietnam’s biggest bigwigs: Where do they come from?

It is not unusual for Vietnamese billionaires to be assigned informal nicknames by the public, media or colleagues. While most accept the monikers bestowed on them, others are less comfortable with what they are called.

The odd habit of Vietnamese billionaires: shopping with bags of money

 VietNamNet Bridge – While the rest of the world predominantly spends plastic money, Vietnamese still prefer cash. To buy valuable things, they have to pay with many bags of banknotes.