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Pouring big money into agriculture, billionaires reap high profits

Doan Nguyen Duc, known as Boss Duc, Tran Dinh Long and Tran Ba Duong, who started their business as a realtor and steel and automobile manufacturer, all have injected money into agriculture.

Vietnam now has five billionaires on Forbes list

The number of Vietnamese billionaires in US dollar has dropped to five in the early months of 2024 from the previous six, reported in April 2023.

Six Vietnamese billionaires have a combined wealth of $13.3 billion: Forbes

Forbes updates the list of the richest billionaires in Vietnam in 2023.

The owner of the most luxurious yachts in Vietnam

The economic group owned by Trinh Trung Uy, dubbed the Quang Ninh tycoon, owns the largest pair of 6-star super-luxurious yachts, worth $35 million, in Vietnam.

Tycoons’ stock assets plummet, technology billionaire returns to top 10

While many businesspeople are seeing their stock assets decrease sharply, Truong Gia Binh, a technology billionaire, is reaping fruit.

Do powerful Vietnamese business families have a formula for success?

There is no formula, but there are common characteristics that economic groups such as IPP Group, Vingroup, Masan Group, Thanh Thanh Cong, BRG and Doji share.

The most powerful billionaire families in Vietnam: Part 2

Vietnam has many powerful business empires, described as the backbone of the national economy.

The most powerful billionaire families in Vietnam

Vietnam has many powerful business empires which have been described as the backbone of the national economy.

Assets of Vietnam’s billionaires drop as stock prices fall

Vietnamese USD billionaires saw their value fall sharply in 2022 because of decreased stock prices. Vingroup’s Pham Nhat Vuong lost US$2.1 billion, while Bui Thanh Nhon was excluded from Forbes’ list of billionaires.

Vietnamese billionaires lose money as share prices fall

The shares of companies owned by Vietnamese billionaire families have lost value, causing big losses.

Vietnamese businessmen drop out of Forbes billionaire list

Two Vietnamese businessmen have been no longer Forbes billionaires after their stocks continued sharply falling on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange.

Vietnamese billionaires lose US$8.3 billion as share prices fall

The stock market is fluctuating, which is leading to changes in Vietnam’s USD billionaires’ positions. Pham Nhat Vuong has lost $2.3 billion, but still ranks at the top. Tran Dinh Long has fallen to the bottom of the list.

Seven Vietnamese billionaires named on Forbes rich list

Globally-renowned business magazine Forbes recently released its November list detailing a list of the world’s billionaires, including seven Vietnamese billionaires.

Vietnam forecast to be fastest growing market for centi-millionaires over next decade

The fastest growing market for centi-millionaires, who boast US$100 million or more in investable assets, over the next decade is forecast to be Vietnam, according to The Centi-Millionaire Report.

Billionaire Ho Hung Anh loses top position in banking sector

Some banking billionaires are seeing their stock assets fall because of decreasing share prices following news about corporate bonds and real estate.

Businessman moves up to 2nd on Vietnam's wealthiest list

Do Anh Tuan, a businessman from Thanh Hoa, has surpassed the asset value of famous billionaires, including Ho Hung Anh and Tran Dinh Long, with stock assets of VND34.318 trillion.

Share prices fall, billionaires lose big

Billionaire Tran Dinh Long’s assets have fallen by $1.6 billion this year, while billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong has lost $2 billion.

Vietnam has one more dollar billionaire on Forbes’ list

In the latest list of world billionaires in 2022 announced by Forbes magazine (USA), Vietnam has a new billionaire - Nova Group Chairman Bui Thanh Nhon.

Billionaire list: Tran Dinh Long loses position, new names emerge

The HPG shares of Hoa Phat Group have seen a fall in price to VND35,900 per share, while billionaire Tran Dinh Long fell from the second position on the list of Vietnamese stock billionaires.

Forbes names seven Vietnamese billionaires on 2022 rankings

Forbes has announced its list of 2,668 billionaires in the world in 2022, including seven Vietnamese executives.