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Negotiation-based pricing for waste-to-electricity plants deters investors

Localities want to develop waste-to-electricity (WTE) to solve environmental problems, but investors lack interest in such projects.

Power-purchase negotiations may stall investment in waste-to-electricity plants

WTE (waste-to-electricity) is considered a superior solution to solve environmental problems, but it remains unattractive to investors.

Classifying solid waste to develop green economy

Vietnam has issued many legal documents on environmental protection, however, waste treatment has not been effective and remains a difficult problem in many localities.

First waste-to-energy plant inaugurated in northern Vietnam

A plant that treats domestic solid waste and industrial waste to generate electricity was inaugurated in Phu Lang village, northern Bac Ninh province, on November 1.

HCM City faces difficulties dealing with rising amounts of waste

Many people in HCM City's Cu Chi District are complaining about serious pollution coming from two waste treatment plants in the area.

Landfill in Ninh Binh Province fills up 20 years earlier than planned

The amount of waste transported into the plant has been increasingly outstripping designed capacity.

VN considers use of soil and rocks from coal mines as leveling materials

The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MONRE) on October 4 confirmed that it has received a proposal from Coc Sau Coal JSC on collecting and using soil and rocks discharged during the coal mining process.

Misconceptions lead to ineffectiveness in household waste sorting

While multiple campaigns and regulations have raised awareness of waste sorting across VN for more than a decade, misconceptions are still one of the biggest challenges for effective waste treatment and recycling.

Ministry seeks licence to dump 3.70 million cubic metres of mud into sea

The Ministry of Transport is seeking a licence to dump 3.70 million cubic metres of waste mud into the sea in the southern province of Quy Nhon.

Hanoi’s $30mil waste treatment plant abandoned as waste crisis continues

Hanoi has plans for 17 waste treatment sites, but only three are operating.

Hanoi needs urgent, optimal solution for waste treatment capacity

Hanoi needs an urgent and optimal solution for waste treatment, environmental experts have said.

Hanoi: Many areas flooded with garbage

Local residents block Hanoi garbage dump over land compensation dispute.

Fees charged for recycling to take effect in 2024

High fees charged for recycling would provide an incentive for manufacturers to re-design their products and packages in a more environmentally-friendly way.

HCM City seeks to prevent illegal waste dumping

HCM City’s environmental sector is taking steps to prevent illegal dumping of domestic waste transported from neighbouring provinces to the city.

Vietnam needs to look into recycling discarded vehicles: experts

Statistics revealed that Vietnam has 4.5 million cars and 60 million motorbikes currently in use, and these figures are growing.

Vietnam’s first recycled plastic-made school inaugurated

A kindergarten school made of recycled plastic – the first of this kind in Vietnam, was put into operation on September 9 in Cao Son commune in Muong Khuong district of the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai.

Policies on household solid waste still display inadequacy

The amount of household solid waste (HSW) in major cities nationwide is expected to increase by 10-16 percent a year on average.

New initiative to recycle 3,000 tonnes of cartons

A carton recycling initiative will be piloted in Ho Chi Minh City from August 2022 to March 2023, aiming to collect and fully recycle 3,000 tonnes of used drink cartons into new products, such as paperboard and eco-friendly roofing materials.

Con Dao Island faces rising amount of waste

Over 70,000 tonnes of waste has been accumulated in the southern island of Con Dao while local authorities are seeking measures to deal with the rising amount of rubbish at overloaded dumping sites in the area.

Refusing to sort garbage will result in fines from August

The maximum fine for an administrative violation in the field of environmental protection is VND1 billion (nearly $43 thousand) for individuals and VND2 billion (over $85 thousand) for organizations.