Korean YouTuber likes Mui Ne desert, enjoys banh xeo

During her short stay in Mui Ne, a Korean YouTuber woke up early in the morning to take a desert tour and off-road vehicle riding. She was impressed with local specialties and enjoyed famous delicacies.

Can Vietnamese theatres make money online?

YouTubers can make money if they have one million or more followers. Can theatres and art troupes do this?

Agencies urged to handle livestreams and chat groups with bad content

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has asked provincial and municipal authorities to strengthen management and handle violations of information on social networks.

Young man brings pride of Vietnam to Africa

Pham Quang Linh, 24, from the central province of Nghe An, has "painted" a beautiful story in Africa.

Vietnamese YouTubers claim they no longer produce content but videos still appear

Most owners of the videos with titles "delete channel" and "last videos" on YouTube are still operating.

From Tho Nguyen to Ryan Kazy: high profits are made from YouTube content for children

Developing content on YouTube has proven to be very profitable for young creators, from a 29-year-old Vietnamese girl to a 9-year-old boy from Texas.

Famous YouTuber fined for posting 'superstitious' content

After two days working with YouTuber Tho Nguyen, the authorities of Binh Duong province have imposed a VND7.5 million fine fine on the popular vlogger.

Vietnam's most famous culinary vlogger

The sound of birds singing in the early morning, chickens crowing at noon, and rustling of leaves in the garden frequently appear in the videos of Dong Van Hung - the founder of Mother-made Cuisine (Am Thuc Me Lam) channel.

Who are the richest YouTubers in Vietnam?

More and more people are earning huge incomes from YouTube and Google. Some of them earn hundreds of billions of dong a year from online business.

'Black app' market highly active in Vietnam

Having fewer than 10,000 members, the Vietnamese community of game makers on Facebook is staying busy, selling and buying mobile apps of all kinds.

2020: the year for Vietnamese streamers, YouTubers

In 2020,YouTubers and streamers stepped out into the light and became the focus of public opinion.

Vietnamese video channels get 'played' as YouTube changes algorithm

Some people have exploited the flaws in YouTube’s new algorithm to play dirty tricks on video channels.

Who is the richest streamer in Vietnam?

The lavish wedding of Xemesis and his wife Xoai Non has been the focus of the Vietnamese gamer community. The bridegroom is believed to be the richest streamer in Vietnam.

Vietnam wants to block cash flow to YouTube channels with bad content

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has taken action recently to prevent YouTube channels with bad content to protect YouTube users, especially youth, and the community of prestigious content producers.

Why does YouTube tolerate 'unhealthy' videos?

NTN Vlogs and Hung Vlog are just a very small part of the big community of content producers who are making money for YouTube every day.

Hung Vlog video removed from YouTube is just tip of the iceberg

Two videos of Hung Vlog which have have been removed from YouTube represent only a small number of videos with "unhealthy" content that have been removed.

What if Vietnamese streamers use foul language, talk nonsense?

Many YouTubers and streamers have been criticized for their bad language, which harms young viewers.

Vloggers fined, but YouTube still winks at improper videos

Video clips with unhealthy content and ‘trash videos’ are rampant on the internet. But YouTube still has not set tight control over the toxic clips because it can ‘get more than it can lose’, according to observers.

Vietnamese Youtubers try to lure viewers with ‘dirty’ clips

YouTubers try every possible way to boost view counts, including posting clips with 'unhealthy' content, as they hope they can get big earnings from YouTube.

Taxation agencies try to collect tax from YouTubers, Facebookers

Taxation agencies struggle to find individuals who have income from YouTube and Facebook, but have had some recent success.