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Well-known American brands sell pizza, fried chicken on pavements

Instead of luring customers to shops, American fast-food brands nowadays are looking for customers by selling pizza and fried chicken on pavements as sales have dropped during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Foreign food chains unable to sustain in Vietnamese market

Vietnam has for many years been considered as an attractive market for the retail industry, including fast foods and beverages. 

Expanding fast food outlets place strain on obesity worry

As international organisations are at pains to warn of an increasing obesity problem in Vietnam, the country’s fast food industry continues to swell despite mounting losses for some chains and difficulties in attempting to alter local eating norms.

China McDonald's apologises for Guangzhou ban on black people

A ban at a Guangzhou branch of the fast-food chain came amid rumours Africans were spreading coronavirus.

Thai tycoon struggles with American fast-food giant

With 600 franchise shops in Vietnam, CP remains an unsuccessful fast-food brand in Vietnam.

Fast food chains see increasing losses

Many fast food chains, from fried chicken to pizza, have been incurring losses.

Vietnamese street food favored over foreign fast food chains

VietNamNet Bridge - Foreign fast food chains in Vietnam are some of the most famous in the world, but many of them have had to leave or close some of their shops in the country. 

Vietnam’s street food popular items now being served at chain restaurants

VietNamNet Bridge - Banh cuon (steamed rolled rice pancake), banh my (Vietnamese sandwich) and Mon Hue (Hue cuisine) are gaining even more popularity as they are being served at better restaurants. 

Incurring big losses, fast food giants open fewer shops

VietNamNet Bridge - The heyday of fast food chains seems to be over in Vietnam. The number of fast food shops has been decreasing in an era when people are trying to ‘live slowly’.

Instant food market: door opens widely but barriers exist

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese companies are eyeing the ready-made instant food market, as they won’t have to compete directly with foreign manufacturers. However, the market is it as easy one as most consumers are not used to the products.

Is the golden age for fast food over?

Vietnamese people are accustomed to fast food brands such as KFC, Lotteria and Jollibee. In recent years, the market welcomed more foreign brands like McDonald's and Burger King. However, they do not seem to be meeting the expectations of investors.

How are US fast-food chains doing in Vietnam?

VietNamNet Bridge - The Vietnamese market with its limited number of consumers accustomed to western food, has still been able to attract fast food giants from the US.

Fast food chains’ development has slowed down

VietNamNet Bridge - The closure of many fast food shops in recent days has raised a question if the Vietnamese fast food market has become saturated and no longer attractive.

Not all big players can succeed in fast-food market

VietNamNet Bridge - Many well-known fast food brands are jumping into the Vietnamese market through franchise contracts.

BKV shuts down Burger King in HCMC, conquers Hanoi market: investor

VietNamNet Bridge - BKV, the franchisee which brought Burger King to Vietnam, said it has shut down its third restaurant in HCM City and plans to march towards the north.

Foreign fast-food chains not performing as expected in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Many international fast food chains are finding that the Vietnamese fast food market is not so easy to conquer. 

Fast-food chains kick off cyber-war

VietNamNet Bridge – The competition among fast-food brands in Vietnam has become fierce as they now have to struggle on the internet. 

McDonald’s faces challenges in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - McDonald's marked its one-year operation in Vietnam by opening its fourth restaurant in early February, as it struggles to compete in the US.

Starbucks, McDonald's arrival just a storm through the village

 A population of 90 million with 65 percent under 35 years of age, rising incomes, increasingly busy lifestyles - these are the factors supporting the strong growth of the fast food industry in Vietnam.

US fast food worker protests expand to 190 cities

 US fast food worker protests expanded to 190 cities on Thursday as the movement to raise the minimum wage in the US to $15 (£9.57) an hour reached a two-year anniversary.