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Over 100-year-old trees at Hanoi Botanical Gardens dying

Some century-old trees at the Hanoi Botanical Gardens have died.

Hanoi to launch electric taxi this week

Green Taxi SM branded electric taxis will be available in public places and throughout Vincom's commercial center system in Hanoi.

Hanoi deals with shortage of public recreational spaces

The lack of public and recreational spaces for residents has always been an urgent issue and has been discussed for many years in the capital city of Hanoi. However, changes to Hanoi's urban landscape may soon be on the horizon.

Hanoi makes efforts to reduce air pollution

Air quality monitored at road-side stations, or so-called air quality from traffic, is worse than air quality in residential areas.

Concerns raised on impact of expanding businesses on Hanoi's West Lake

The full potential of West Lake has not yet been exploited, but experts and local people have raised concerns with the People’s Committee of the city on plans to operate more businesses on the lake.

Lack of parking spaces and clamping culture leads to conflicts

On March 28, Nguyễn Trung Dũng, 28, a security guard at a residential complex in Gia Lâm District, was killed after a taxi driver purposefully crashed into Dũng from behind.

Hanoi wants to continue issuing karaoke business licenses

The Hanoi People’s Committee has requested the city’s competent agencies to continue issuing business licenses for eligible karaoke bars to help prevent them from suspending their operations, reported the local media.

Hanoi's street-front houses lack coherent design and consistency: architects

Architects said that the incoherent structures of street-front houses are disrupting the capital’s urban landscape architecture.

Ninh Hiep - Hanoi’s largest fashion market in post-Covid period

Ninh Hiep market, Hanoi's largest fashion market, has become quiet because of the impact by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hanoi Opera House to close for one year-long renovation

Hanoi Opera House will close to the public for a year as it undergoes renovation, the theater’s director Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet said on April 3.

Million USD hospital project abandoned in Hanoi

A US$50 million international hospital project located in Cau Giay District, Hanoi, has remained idle for 26 years while the city is in need of many more medical facilities.

Bookmarked: self-service shop draws in book lovers

Entering a bookshop, choosing a favourite title, and skimming through for as long as you want with some relaxing music gently playing in the background, without being frowned at by the shopkeeper. This is surely a dream for book lovers in Vietnam.

Hanoi to turn 78 sites into underground public parking lots

Hanoi plans to establish underground public car parks at 78 sites across four central districts, as confirmed by the municipal People's Committee.

Hanoi to build 48 markets and upgrade flower gardens this year

Hanoi has planned to build 48 new markets and upgrade 11 flower gardens and one park this year.

Hanoi named most expensive city in Vietnam last year

A recent report on the Cost of Living Index, published by the General Statistics Office, has revealed that Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, was the most expensive place to reside in the country in 2022.

“Dao, Pho & Piano”: a beautiful story about the spirit of Hanoians

Depicting the most intense and heroic moments of the 60-day Battle of Hanoi, as the army and citizens fought to defend their capital, the film chronicles street fighting in the Old Quarter against the French invading forces in the winter of 1946.

Hanoi to build two new cities, creating springboard for Hoa Lac, Noi Bai areas

Architect Ngo Doan Duc believes that Hanoi needs to create policies to attract talent and investors to build two new cities in Hoa Lac and Noi Bai.

Re-enacting an 80s and 90s style wedding in Hanoi's Old Quarter

The program aims to restore the traditional values of Hanoians' weddings, an essential event in a person's life in any historical period.

Hanoi Tourism Festival 2023 kicks off

The Hanoi Tourism Festival 2023 opened at the pedestrian streets around Hoan Kiem lake in the capital city's downtown on March 24.

Hanoi seeks support from UNESCO in restoration of Kinh Thien Palace

Hanoi asked for continued support from the UNESCO World Heritage Centre (WHC) for a project to restore Kinh Thien Palace in the Thang Long Imperial Citadel in Hanoi, which was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010.