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Japan keen on Vietnam’s supply chains

The Government of Japan will support over 40 Japanese investment projects in Vietnam to diversify supply chains post Covid-19. Compared to other regional countries, Vietnam has the largest number of chosen investment projects.

Japanese investors secure foothold in leading Vietnamese brands through M&A

Japanese investors have poured billions of dollars to purchase stakes at Vietnamese businesses over the past decade.

Vietnam is No 1 destination for Japanese investors

Of 81 businesses receiving support from the Japanese government, 37 have decided to invest in Vietnam, while 19 have chosen Thailand.


Large corporations receive hundreds of million dollars in investment from Japan

The good relations between Japan and Vietnam are fueling Japanese capital flow into Vietnamese enterprises through portfolio investments.

Vietnam continues to attract more capital from South Korea, Japan

Vietnam's impressive successes and growing position in the world are helping the country become an destination for Japanese and Korean investors.

Hundreds of million of dollars pouring in from Japanese investors

Many Japanese groups are investing in Vietnamese enterprises instead of setting up their production and business facilities in Vietnam.

Vietnam prepares to receive investors from Japan, the US, EU

Japanese businesses have begun relocating factories to Vietnam, and it is expected that American and European businesses will also come soon.

Japanese companies enticed by local investment climate

Driven by new encouraging policies and motivations, more fresh opportunities will be coming for Japanese investors in Vietnam, expecting a new investment wave ahead.

Panasonic heads up Japanese production movements

Panasonic is among the first Japanese investors to relocate their activities to Vietnam in the context that multinational corporations are considering to restructure their global manufacturing.

Eleven officials suspended for alleged bribery at Tenma Vietnam

Eleven Vietnamese officials involved in tax and post-customs clearance inspections at Tenma Vietnam have been suspended from work for being implicated in alleged bribery.

Firm appeal for Japanese developers

Japanese investors continued to demonstrate their confidence in the Vietnamese real estate market with recent involvement in new large-scale projects.

Japanese capital inflow’s new trend

After five years of decline, Vietnam’s processing and manufacturing sector has begun to receive a substantial volume of investment capital from Japanese enterprises.

New initiative switches Japanese investment to Vietnam

A recent initiative in Japan aimed to shift investment to Vietnam and other Mekong subregion nations will continuously contribute to increasing the Japanese inflow to the Southeast Asian country.


Vietnam seeks more FDI from Japan

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam is expected to receive more foreign direct investment (FDI) from Japan in the coming years as part of its strategy to shift investment attraction towards high-quality capital.

Southbound wave to bring Japanese, South Korean, Taiwanese investors to VN

VietNamNet Bridge - Taiwan has been pursuing a ‘southbound policy’, shifting investments to countries in southern Asia. The movement has also arisen among Japanese and South Korean enterprises.

Vietnamese brands attracting more Japanese investors

Japanese enterprises are entering the Vietnamese market gradually by buying into Vietnamese enterprises and cementing their positions in business fields with stable growth.

Japanese capital keeps flowing into real estate

VietNamNet Bridge - Japanese investors continue pouring money into Vietnam real estate firms despite the prediction that hot growth will slow in the time to come.

South courts Japanese firms

The administration of the southern ĐồngNai Province promised on June 10 to remove obstacles facing Japanese companies.

Japanese spot rising star of Vietnam’s realty market

 VietNamNet Bridge – Japanese investors are continuing to take advantage of Vietnam’s real estate market opportunities with new projects from both new and existing developers.

Asian shares extend losses as China sows confusion

 Asian shares sank to their lowest in over four years on Monday as doubts mounted about Beijing's ability to manage the world's second-biggest economy.