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The biggest difficulties facing Vietnam’s steel industry are trade remedies applied by importing countries and supply of materials.

VN steel manufacturers struggle for shelter during tough period

A high number of steel manufacturers have reported loss as export markets have shrunk, while the domestic battle is fierce because of competition.

Made-in-Vietnam products facing trade lawsuits

Seafood and footwear products with high export turnover have faced trade barriers over the years but exports with small turnover are also facing lawsuits as protectionist trends rise.

Vietnam’s steel industry enters new development period

With heavy investments by steel manufacturers and Hoa Phat’s strategy on expanding the southern market, the competition in the steel industry is expected to become more intense in the coming time.  

Steel manufacturers report satisfactory business results amid protectionism

Most steel manufacturers had satisfactory business in the second quarter of the year and the first half. 

Monsanto faces a surge in lawsuits following cancer ruling

 American agro-chemicals company Monsanto is facing a surge in lawsuits that may cost its new owners, Bayer, billions in damages.

Vietnam’s steel exports affected by anti-dumping investigations

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam’s steel exports are encountering difficulties as they are facing anti-dumping investigations raised by importing countries.

Apple faces lawsuits over slowed iPhones

 Two class action lawsuits have been launched against Apple in the US following the tech giant's admission that it slows down older models of the iPhone as they age.

Vietnamese goods could ‘sink’ together with Chinese goods

VietNamNet Bridge - Some Vietnamese products face risks of becoming defendants in lawsuits filed by import countries that suspect Chinese goods are brought to Vietnam before they are exported to third countries in order to avoid anti-dumping duties.

Vietnam warned that lawsuits may be raised against some export items

The number of lawsuits for safeguard measures against Vietnamese export items are believed to increase in 2013. Wooden furniture and cashew nuts may be the next defendants in the lawsuits.