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Dog has guarded its owner’s grave for last six years

In the last six years, a 6-year-old dog has been guarding the grave of its young owner who died prematurely.

The most loyal kitten in Vietnam

The story of a white kitten who stayed by the side of her seriously ill man has touched the hearts of many netizens.

More than a tonne of frozen cats found in southern province

Upon questioning, the 39-year-old owner admitted collecting the cats from various provinces in the Mekong Delta region.

Services for pets grow as demand rises

As people’s living standards have been improved and lifestyle enriched, there are more and more pet care services available in urban areas.

Young couple postpones wedding for 6 years to rescue pets

With their love of animals, Quoc Khanh and Uyen Nhu postponed their wedding to spend money for their pets’ treatment before marrying after 12 years together.

Nha Trang: Foreign tourist hospitalised after dog attack

Nha Trang City’s authorities have launched an investigation after a dog attacked foreign tourists in the city, leaving one of them with serious injuries.

Cat lovers feline fine in Vietnam

As living standards have risen, the Vietnamese have taken to keeping more breeds of cats from overseas, many of which cost a lot and require much care.

Cat love of Nguyen Bao Sinh!

In recent years, Mr. Nguyen Bao Sinh opened the cremation, burial, and praying services for dogs and cats.

Man owns gorgeous 'treasures’ that chirp

The hundreds of "tiny treasures" are extremely rare mutant crested bulbuls, with a total value of about 7 billion VND (US$290,000).

Dog and cat trafficking: concern for VN tourism

The FOUR PAWS organization on December 8 organized a seminar on the impact of dog and cat trafficking on the health of the community, animal welfare and the tourism industry.

Cat show crowns the best of the best

Audiences feasted their eyes on dozens of beautiful cat breeds competing in the first-ever Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) International Cat Show in Hanoi on Saturday.

Vietnamese lose big from importing pet dogs

Trung has many years of experience importing pet dogs from Europe. However, he is always worried every time he imports pets because if they die he will lose a lot of money.

Young man cares for homeless animals

Addressing homeless animals as ‘papa’ and using English for commands, Quoc Bao receives a lot of affection from his pets.

Cafe helps with stray cat adoption in HCM City

Alex Ward and Geneva Marcelino are running cafes that work with local animal rescue shelters to help stray dogs and cats find their new homes.

Colorful crabs raised as pets by animal lover

Dogs as pets, sure. Cats, absolutely. Birds and rabbits, of course. But crabs? Really? It turns out that one man in Hanoi is so crazy for crabs he has dozens upon dozens of them as pets.

Pets banned on Hanoi pedestrian street

The walking of pets on Hoan Kiem pedestrian area in Hanoi will be entirely banned from May 27.

Pets stay at luxury hotels, use spa services while owners are away during Tet

Many people have booked hotel rooms for their pets while they are away during Tet holiday. At luxury hotels, the pets not only receive special healthcare services, but also enjoy spa services and have their pictures taken.

Children keep ducklings as pets during social distancing

Many children have kept ducks as pets to play with during social distancing.


Renowned duckling ‘staff’ hang out at florist shop

The pair of lovely ducks has become a source of joy for traders and children in a corner of Thiec market.

An Giang man raises thousands of “wild” fish as pets

A farmer in Long Kien commune in the Cho Moi district of the southern province of An Giang is feeding and caring for thousands of natural fish as pets.