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Indochina Kajima Development Company, a joint venture from Indochina Capital and Kajima Corporation, has recently launched Core5 Vietnam (

Real estate market stalls as cash flow slows

A number of realtors have reduced investments because of both legal problems and cash flow depletion, depriving people of opportunities to own accommodations, but also threatening economic recovery in post-Covid period.

Real estate credit: tightening may cause stagnation, pressure on inflation

The draft circular amending several articles of Circular 39 prescribing lending transactions of credit institutions and/or foreign bank branches has raised concern about the congestion of capital flow into the real estate sector and high inflation.

Investors rush to sell coastal villas to cut losses

Hundreds of million-dollar seaside villas in Da Nang, the “capital” of resort property, have been idle for over two years.

Real estate firms complain about lack of credit access

While real estate firms complain that they cannot access bank loans, bankers say that they are still providing loans as usual.

Filmore Development announces new CEO

Mr. Andy Han Suk Jung has officially joined Filmore Real Estate Development Corporation (Filmore Development) as an investor, a member of the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Thu Thiem land auction: NA’s Economics Committee shows how prices were inflated

The National Assembly’s Economics Committee has given its opinion about the land-use rights auction at the Thu Thiem new urban area in HCM City, assessing positive and negative impacts of the auction on socio-economic development.

Will housing prices cool down in late 2022?

The boost in sales and the slowdown of the land bank expansion are expected to help  land and house prices decrease in the remaining quarters of 2022, according to VNDirect Research.

Stock, real estate markets too hot, need close supervision

The Government has submitted to the National Assembly a report about the implementation of the 2021 socio-economic development plan and the deployment of the 2022 plan.

HCM City real estate: more high-end property, but fewer affordable products

For high-end large-scale projects and developers with projects that need to borrow capital, HCM City People’s Committee believes that it’s necessary to strengthen supervision over the granting of credit.

Mega-urban project Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 - The Empire launched

Vinhomes Joint Stock Company has officially launched the mega-urban project Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 - The Empire.

Social housing remains unaffordable to the poor

Social housing sells at VND15 million per square meter on average, and the prices can be up to VND21-25 million per square meter in some areas, beyond the reach of the poor.

Trillions of dong ‘buried’ in land, urban planning needs overhaul

Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Van Sinh has made three important proposals on urban planning that could help prevent false rumors and illegal profiteering, and control the real estate market.

Land fever subsides, amateur investors leave real estate market

People who rushed to buy real estate during the latest land fever have left the market as prices have decreased.

HCM City asks to tighten credit in high-end property

The HCM City branch of the State Bank of Viet Nam has asked credit institutions to tighten the management on credit flow into the real estate sector and the transfer of money collected from real estate transactions abroad.

House, land transactions in HCM City surge

The number of transactions in the HCM City real estate market has soared.

Land fever: bad consequences and new solutions

Since doi moi (renovation) in 1986, the Vietnamese real estate market has witnessed many ups and downs, including four “price fevers” so far.

Land auctions bring VND200 trillion to state budget over 3 years

In the 2018-2020 period, money collected from land auctions increased by 67 percent.

Strength to strength for real estate M&A

Mergers and acquisitions in real estate are resuming through a steady economic recovery, with the total transaction values exceeding every first quarter of the last five years.

Banks tighten real estate lending, low-income earners affected

Commercial banks are tightening lending to the real estate sector, raising fears that people with limited financial capability will not be able to buy houses.