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Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung on April 20 ordered advancing the export quota of 100,000 tonnes of rice from that set for May in order to ease difficulties for firms that have rice stuck at ports but are unable to submit customs declarations.

Vietnam Food Association demands priority clearance for rice stuck at ports

The Vietnam Food Association has petitioned authorities to prioritise customs clearance of consignments of rice exports stuck at ports.

Vietnamese rice exporters surprised with the quick end of export quota

Many rice exporters were left surprised because the export quota of 400,000 tonnes of rice in April ended quickly in just three hours.


Who is allowed to export rice during the COVID-19 crisis?

The total amount of rice that Vietnamese exporters have to deliver to partners under contracts from now to the end of May is 1.385 million tons.

Farm exports to EU and US stuck, Vietnam looks to China, ASEAN

In order to export $42 billion worth of products as planned, exports to China need to grow by 10 percent and to ASEAN by 9 percent to offset the decline in exports to the US and EU.

PM approves rice export resumption, orders guaranteed food security

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has approved the resumption of rice export provided that food security must be guaranteed amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, drought and saltwater intrusion.

Finance Ministry proposes suspending low-grade rice exports until June 15

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has suggested suspending exports of low-grade rice until June 15 to ensure purchase for the national reserves.

Rice price escalates, Vietnamese exporters eager to resume exports

After Vietnam halted rice exports, Thailand pushed its export prices up, but now Vietnamese exporters are preparing to return to the world market.

Trade Ministry proposes exporting 400,000 tonnes of rice in April

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has proposed to resume rice exports from April, with a volume of 400,000 tonnes, after the ministry has...

Mekong Delta faces rice crisis as exports are interrupted

Hundreds of thousands of tons of rice in Mekong Delta remain unsold as merchants have stopped collecting rice. Farmers fear the rice price will drop dramatically if Vietnam stops exporting rice.

Farm produce sales fall, but rice exports soar

While many agricultural and aquatic products remain unsold because of decreased demand during Covid-19, rice sales have been satisfactory.

Mekong Delta rice farmers earn high income from rice straw

Rice farmers in the Mekong Delta are earning higher incomes from selling rice straw left over from the harvested 2019 – 20 winter-spring rice crop.

Vietnam suspends rice export to ensure food security in face of COVID-19

A leading official of the General Department of Vietnam Customs just signed an urgent document sent to the provincial and municipal Departments of Customs, asking them to suspend the export of rice from the country starting from 0:00am of March 24.

Rice products remains bright star among VN's farm export items

While most farm export items met with difficulties in the first months of the year, rice exports unexpectedly soared as the world increased its reserves.

Rosy signs show bright prospect for rice export

Vietnam is enjoying strong growth in both rice export volume and value, and more export chances are still ahead as some FTAs have come into force and consumers around the globe are boosting purchase to ensure food security.

Vietnam enhances rice, pork price stabilisation

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has asked rice traders to strictly maintain a reserve equivalent to at least five percent of their export volume in the six most recent months.

Vietnam overtakes Thailand in rice exports

TREA, the association of Thai rice exporters, on February 12 said Thailand may lose its position as the second largest rice exporter when setting up the goal of exporting 7.5 million tons this year, a 7-year low.

Vietnam needs to find new rice markets to replace China: experts

Since the novel coronavirus (Covid-2019) epidemic will surely affect exports to China, diversifying markets is an urgent requirement for Vietnamese rice exporters, experts have said.


S.Korea says to import 55,000 tons of rice from Vietnam

South Korea has opened up its market to Vietnamese rice, setting the annual import quota of Vietnamese rice at 55,112 tons, according to the Import-Export Department at the Ministry of Industry and Trade.


182 rice traders certified as eligible for rice exports

 The Ministry of Industry and Trade has granted 47 certificates of eligibility to rice export businesses over the past year, lifting the number of rice exporters to 182 traders.