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Vietnam’s rice export price is always low compared with other countries because consumer confidence in Vietnam’s rice quality is not high, experts say.

Fake world’s best rice products flooding in the market

Products which claim to feature the ST25 rice strain which was crowned the World's Best Rice at a recent contest have flooded in the Vietnamese market.


Vietnamese rice crowned world’s best title

Vietnam’s ST24 rice variety was recognised as the World's Best Rice this year.

Vietnamese rice 50% cheaper than Thai rice

Vietnam and Thailand are two major rice exporters to the Hong Kong market, but Vietnamese rice prices are 50% lower than those offered by its rival, leaving wide room for growth for Vietnamese rice exports to the former British territory.


Vietnam should improve rice quality in long-term strategy

Experts believe Vietnam needs a long-term strategy to increase the quality of its rice exports to create sustainable growth in the future.


Vietnam struggles to reach rice export plan

Analysts warn that Vietnam will have to struggle to implement the rice export plan this year because many key markets have tightened control over imports.

Thai policy on rice subsidy is double-edged sword for Vietnam

The government of Thailand has approved a budget of 21.5 billion baht to ensure a rice price at a reasonable level for Thai farmers. The policy is expected to have a negative impact on other export countries, including Vietnam.

Thailand’s rice subsidy program may affect Vietnam: rice operators

Thailand has passed a plan to allocate its budget of 21.5 billion baht to help stabilize rice prices for Thai farmers. This subsidy program may affect rice exporters including Vietnam, according to local rice operators.


Vietnam’s rice exports to Philippines up, but farmers aren’t happy

Rice exports to the Philippines have increased sharply as the country has lifted quotas since the beginning of the year. However, Vietnamese farmers have not received big benefits.

Vietnamese rice has more opportunities to enter the US

Several US importers have added rice to the list of product items they will buy from Vietnam.

Thailand: Government rice price payouts to start next month

The rice price guarantee scheme will begin next month with farmers set to be paid the difference when the price falls below a predetermined benchmark, Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit said.


Vietnamese exports rise, but not because of trade war: economist

Vietnam’s economy has been better off over the last three years with exports growing rapidly.

Vietnam still faces rice export difficulties

Vietnam's rice export industry is trying to find new customers as exports to China, the country’s biggest customer, dropped.


Large-scale fields underdeveloped due to lack of capital

The large-scale field model has developed more slowly after a boom period.

Rice production in Vietnam's Mekong Delta took wrong path: expert

While the entire society was still in dreaming of being a rice export power, farmers were realistic, realizing that the higher the yield of rice, the lower profit they would get because of higher fertilizer and pesticide costs.

Rice demand from China declines, causing concern among farmers

VietNamNet Bridge - China’s role as a big rice importer of Vietnam’s rice is changing dramatically, sparking concern among farmers.

Rice export market risky, Vietnamese farmers suffer constant anxiety

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam is one of the biggest rice exporters in the world, but it remains highly dependent on the Chinese market.

Vietnamese struggle to export more rice

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam’s low-cost rice exporters are facing big challenges because of problems with the Chinese market. And the export prices Vietnam is offering to import countries are on the decrease.

Vietnam reconsidering rice production, export plans

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam’s rice export turnover has been increasing year after year, but most exports continue to be raw and pre-processed products, experts say.

Vietnamese rice makes name in world market

In 2018, Vietnam’s total rice exports reached 6.15 million tonnes, with export turnover of 3.15 billion USD. The industry saw a 5.7 percent increase in volume and a 19.6 percent increase in value compared to 2017.