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Thai Thanh, whose name is associated with Western-style popular music in Vietnam, passed away in the US on Tuesday after years of battling illness. She was 86.


Star Awards honours contributors to Vietnamese entertainment

The Star Awards 2019 ceremony honouring the best in the Vietnamese entertainment scene will be held in HCM City on October 18.

Cat Tuong wins favourite composer prize

VietNamNet Bridge – Young composer and singer Vu Cat Tuong has won Favourite Composer at this year's HCM City's Television (HTV) Awards. 

Vietnamese myths featured in music

Vietnamese singer Le Cat Trong Ly along with American artists will depict six legendary Vietnamese myths through singing, live visual arts and an interactive dance tonight in HCM City.

Canadian dancer says Life is a Game

"Life is a game" show at the Hoa Binh Theatre in HCM City on October 4 will be "a fusion of street styles, jazz, contemporary, and even some ballet".

Five Vietnamese beauties with international attention

 VietNamNet Bridge - These artists have been known internationally for their activities for the community and their positions as ambassadors for some international organizations.

Singers and model must have work permits from 2014

 VietNamNet Bridge – Only the artists who have work permits have the right to participate in art performances.

Teens and the pressure to become ... "celebrities"

 VietNamNet Bridge - The phenomenon of school age teens dreaming of becoming singers, models, actors ... is not too strange. However, many of them have to pursue this dream under the impacts of their parents.


 Duc Tuan to perform at Da Nang theatre; Singing competition open to overseas Vietnamese; Binh Quoi village river tours present HCM City in new light; Cartoon show for kids

Celebrities earn high income, pay low tax

VietNamNet Bridge - According to the latest report, by April 11, only 44 out of 210 artists who were invited to go to the tax offices to make personal income tax declarations have performed this duty.

U.S. Embassy staff makes MV about Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - David C.Murray has made a music video with beautiful images of Hanoi.

Lip-sync singers earn highly, instrumentalists earn less than chars

VietNamNet Bridge - While singers who live by scandals and lip-sync are paid highly; there are instrumentalists accept dirt-cheap remuneration to live and die with the job.

Copyright center criticized for neglecting copyright protection

VietNamNet Bridge – The Vietnam Center for Protecting Music Copyright (VCPMC) is criticized for only collecting fees but ignoring the protection of the integrity of music works.

The oldest xam singer passes away

VietNamNet Bridge – Respected artisan Ha Thi Cau – who is considered the "living treasure" of the hat xam art – passed away on March 3, 2013, at the age of 86.


Ngo Thanh Van hosts Project Runway show; New art gallery in Hoi An; Cultural diplomacy brings VN closer to the world; French clarinet artist in capital; Antique kimonos to go on display in Hoi An

Dong Lan: A star who keeps on shining

Famed for her irresistable voice and mastering of French love songs, Dong Lan has become a household name since dazzling in The Voice. She talks about her future plans.

Classic venue offers night of chamber music

The capital's first coffee bar to offer chamber music from around the world, including from Viet Nam, is booked out for every performance on the last Friday of each month.

Many overseas Vietnamese artists may be banned from local stage

VietNamNet Bridge – The HCM City Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism is considering the violation against Vietnamese law of the artists who participated in the music DVD produced by the US-based Asia Music Center.