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The draft National Power Development Plan for the period 2021-2030 will be revised to align with Vietnam's commitment to net-zero emissions by 2050.

Solar cells, wind turbine blades: the waste of the next decade

Wind and solar power plants will emit huge amounts of waste of up to hundreds of thousands of tons in the next 10 years.

Vietnam’s global commitments force ministry to reconsider electricity projects

The latest draft of the eighth national power development plan in 2021-2030 shows considerable reductions in coal-fired power and increases in wind power, following Vietnam’s strong commitments at COP26.

42 wind power projects permitted to operate commercially

A total of 42 wind power plants featuring a total capacity of 2,131.3MW have been approved for commercial operation as of mid-November, according to data released by Electricity of Vietnam (EVN).

Vietnam eyes 4 GW offshore wind power capacity by 2030

Vietnam will increase offshore wind power capacity to 4 GW from 1 GW and onshore wind power capacity to nearly 17.34 GW from about 1.26 GW by 2030, according to the latest draft of the National Power Development Plan VIII.

Where will waste from wind, solar power plants go?

Wind and solar power has been developing at lightening speed in Vietnam recently. Now is the time to think about dealing with the equipment when it’s life cycle ends.

Norway to partner with Vietnam to "awaken" offshore wind power potential

Norwegian Ambassador to Vietnam Grete Løchen and Commercial Counsellor Arne-Kjetil Lian recently have handed over the 'Vietnam Supply Chain Study Report' to Vietnamese Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien.

Vietnam sees big opportunities in wind energy

Vietnam’s commitment to increasing its energy capacity using renewable sources and favourable macroeconomic conditions may create valuable opportunities for wind investors and developers.

What is an acceptable clean-power price?

Vietnam wants to develop clean energy but the development needs to be reasonable to ensure that retail prices are affordable for most people.

Ørsted to invest $11 billion in offshore wind farm near Hai Phong

Denmark’s Ørsted Group, the world's largest corporation in the wind power industry, has proposed an offshore wind power plant near Hai Phong, with an estimated investment of US$11.9 to $13.6 billion.

Vietnam to unlock mechanisms to attract private power investors

The Government of Vietnam is building open mechanisms to mobilise private investment in power projects, especially in renewable energy (RE).

Vietnam’s policy on wind power

The wind power industry has been heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and many countries have been taking measures to help the industry overcome difficulties. 

Money flows to wind power projects but coal-fired power lacks capital

Coal-fired power developers find it increasingly difficult to find capital amid the growing support of renewable energy globally.

Electricity of Vietnam warns about low number of commercial wind power projects

The number of wind power projects recognized for Commercial Operation Date (COD) is still small, which is a warning sign for wind power investors in Vietnam.

Wind power developers sprint as deadline nears

Investors have been working frantically to get their projects finished on time, but even if they can put plants into operation before October 31, they will still face other problems.

Jan-Aug period sees 24 wind power plants commissioned

Twenty-four wind power plants with a combined capacity of 963 MW began commercial operations in the year to August, according to the Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN).

Offshore wind power: unpredictable 'waves' as investors wait for decision on tariff

Many offshore wind power investors are holding their breath waiting for the next move of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Government.

Wind power project developers want FIT extension

Since many wind power projects may not be put into commercial operation prior to October 31, the Prime Minister and Ministry of Investment and Trade have been asked to extend the feed in tariff (FIT) application.

Pandemic challenges wind power projects in Mekong Delta

Several wind power projects currently under development in the Mekong River Delta area are rushing to complete and start operating on a commercial basis before the November deadline,

Over 100 wind power plants register to supply electricity to national grid

A total of 106 wind power plants nationwide with a combined capacity of more than 5,655 MW have registered to conduct commercial operations and join the national grid, according to Vietnam Electricity (EVN).