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The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has ordered tens of domestic and foreign brands to not advertise on video clips that contain anti-State propaganda on YouTube, a video-sharing platform.

Vietnam's Ministry of Information and Communications warns YouTube over violations

As the Ministry of Information and Communications constantly reveals evidence of YouTube’s ­violations in Vietnam, the global video platform has ­refused to comment on its ­responsibilities and potential solutions to prevent them.


New law strengthens tax collection from social network providers

The revised Law on Tax Management, passed by the National Assembly, sets out regulations to collect taxes from Google, YouTube, Facebook and the like from July 1 next year, even if they do not open representative offices in Vietnam.


Vietnam asks enterprises to pull their ads from anti-State propaganda clips on YouTube

The Ministry of Information and Communication’s Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information has asked dozens of brands to pull their ads from video clips that contain anti-State propaganda on YouTube.

Google, YouTube’s violations of Vietnam’s laws announced

Accordingly, Google was found to loosely manage contents, not control ads on YouTube clips and Google Adsense network, allow users to buy ads directly from YouTube and Google without the involvement of domestic ads agents.


Vietnam could follow up EU social media slapdown

In fact, both Facebook and Google have been using content of entertainment and news articles, so thanks to this, gaining hundreds of millions of US dollars in annual advertising revenue in Vietnam.

Is cash flow continuing to head for Vietnam’s startups?

The trouble with Yeah 1 has affected investors’ view on Vietnam’s technology firms, which need more venture funds.

Businesses advertising on YouTube suffer from ‘bad content’ on videos

If businesses refuse to advertise on YouTube, they will lose the opportunity to approach clients, but they will no longer see their brands appear on channels with bad content.

Students resort to violence because of societal influence, but some experts disagree

Resorting to physical abuse to solve disputes is the choice of many people as violence is commended as a solution by some in society, leading to students’ misinterpretation of values.

Yeah1 buyback delay throws cold water on shareholders

Yeah1 (code:YEG) casts a chill over its shareholders due to no signs to buy back millions of YEG stocks as it promised before.


Views on YouTube are bought in Vietnam to raise search rankings

VietNamNet Bridge - For every 1,000 views on YouTube, buyers in Vietnam pay VND35,000-65,000.

VTC declines invitation to be honored by YouTube

VietNamNet Bridge - The Vietnam Multimedia Corporation (VTC) earlier this year unexpectedly refused to attend an event honoring content creators held in HCM City. 

MIC plans new solution for ‘clean’ ads on YouTube

After a working session with the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC), Google has changed its algorithm and refined its censorship unit, but this has not yet settled the problem. 

Vietnamese music in 90s goes on YouTube

 VietNamNet Bridge – People worldwide now can enjoy Vietnamese music on YouTube by Phuong Nam Film, one of the HCM City’s leading music, film producers and distributors.

YouTube debuts comedy video series in virtual reality push

YouTube virtual reality video series “The Confessional” debuted on Tuesday, featuring comedians Trevor Noah, Judd Apatow and Howie Mandel, as parent company Google races Facebook Inc to attract viewers

Amazon says Google has pulled YouTube from Echo Show device in tech face-off

 In a rare public feud between large technology companies, Inc said on Tuesday its Echo Show devices could no longer play videos from YouTube 

TV companies urged to stop uploading videos on YouTube

As Vietnamese content developers only receive 10 percent of the revenue from advertisements, they have been advised to stop uploading videos on YouTube to earn money from ads. 

Google tightens measures to remove extremist content on YouTube

Alphabet Inc's Google will implement more measures to identify and remove terrorist or violent extremist content on its video sharing platform YouTube, the company said in a blog post on Sunday.

Vietnamese earn big money from Youtube

VietNamNet Bridge - Many young people can earn thousands of dollars a month just by uploading video clips on Youtube.

Children are ‘gold mine’ for YouTube channels in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - With a high number of subscribers, YouTube content channels for children can earn hundreds of millions of dong a month.