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Over 20,000 households in Ca Mau are being threatened by erosion along with drought and saline intrusion.


Ca Mau offers respite for the weary soul

If you love nature, favour adventure trips, and are interested in Vietnam's history, then Ca Mau Province in the Mekong Delta region is the place for you.

Cuttlefish Egg Cake in Ca Mau

No one can truly define the attractiveness of the Cuttlefish Egg Cake in Ca Mau. No one knows why this cuisine is in folk songs that every child in U Minh knows by heart. 

Ca Mau adapts to climate change

As coastal erosion continues to affect thousands of lives in Vietnam's southernmost province, authorities are taking steps to adapt to climate change before the damage reaches irreversible levels.

Ca Mau needs $27m to resettle people living in erosion-hit areas

Ca Mau Province authorities has asked the Government for more than VND622 billion (US$27 million) to finance 12 projects for relocating people from areas eroded by the sea and rivers.

Ca Mau Province to host Culture-Tourism Week

The Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta province of Ca Mau will organise the Culture-Tourism Week from December 10-15, according to the provincial People’s Committee.

Ca Mau Province takes steps to prevent erosion

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has begun inspections of erosion sites on riverbanks and coastal sites in Ca Mau Province.

Erosion pushes Ca Mau’s eastern coast to emergency status

The southernmost province of Ca Mau has declared a status of emergency in the face of serious erosion along its eastern coast and riverbanks.


Thi Tuong lagoon – a major tourist attraction in Ca Mau province

Thi Tuong lagoon, 40 kilometers south of Ca Mau city, is the biggest and most beautiful lagoon in the Mekong Delta, and a major tourist attraction in Ca Mau province.

Ca Mau develops eco-tourism tourism

Seeing tourism as a spearhead economy in the near future, Ca Mau is working to promote renowned tourist attractions and local typical products, including eco-tourism, community-based tourism, among both domestic and foreign visitors.

Ca Mau wants $22.5 million to upgrade sea dyke

The People's Committee of the southernmost province of Ca Mau has proposed the Government spend VND524 billion to upgrade the sea dyke on its west coast to combat rising tides and landslides, which are seriously affecting local people.

Children in flood-hit areas struggle to go to school

While most students nationwide are eagerly preparing for the new academic year, which will officially start next month, many children in flood-stricken areas will struggle to return to school.


Ca Mau seeks $60.4 m from Government to resettle households in disaster–prone areas

The Ca Mau Province People’s Committee has asked the central Government for VND1.4 trillion (US$60.4 million) to relocate families living in natural disaster-prone areas to new residential areas built in 2016-25.

Ca Mau continues struggling with dyke erosion

A section of a sea dyke in the southernmost province of Ca Mau’s western coast has been eroded due to high flood tides.

Ca Mau sea dyke at risk of breaching

A section of a sea dyke on the western coast of the southernmost province of Ca Mau is at high risk of breaching due to raging waves over a couple of days.

Anti-erosion infrastructure must be upgraded before rainy season: deputy minister

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Hoang Hiep has urged localities nationwide to step up the construction and repair of structures designed to prevent erosion along river banks and coastal areas before the rainy season

Poorly paid doctors quit public hospitals, move to private sector

Dozens of doctors at public hospitals in the southernmost province of Ca Mau have resigned in recent years because of modest salaries, the provincial Department of Health has said.

Ca Mau police shelve case involving 300 dead fetuses

The Police Department of Investigation in Ca Mau Province has decided to close the case involving a waste treatment plant that detected and buried 300 dead fetuses during its seven years of operations.


Landslides cause huge losses in Ca Mau

A series of landslides have been reported along a river in Nam Can District in the Mekong Delta Province of Ca Mau over the past few days, causing damage worth hundreds of millions of dong.

Ca Mau preserves intangible cultural heritage

The southernmost province of Ca Mau has released a plan on preserving and promoting intangible cultural heritage by 2020, with a vision to 2030.