Update news CPI

With the new threshold in place, set to take effect from January 1, 2020 retrospectively, there would be more than 1 million people whose incomes are not taxable.

Petrol price down, but goods prices remain unchanged

The petrol price has decreased by VND5,000 per liter after seven adjustments, but the prices of other goods remain unchanged.

Animal feed supply sparks concern about pork shortage

CP Vietnam, the largest animal husbandry company, says that animal feed supply could run out by the end of May.

2020 inflation rate rides on outbreak eventualities

Vietnam is likely to experience difficulties in controlling inflation this year due to global uncertainties and unexpected price rises of many items in the local market in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

Money oversupply increases core inflation

Keeping the inflation rate at 4 percent in 2020 will be a challenging task, not only because of the pork price escalation, but also money excess.

Two scenarios for Vietnam’s economic growth

If the nCoV epidemic lasts a long time, the GDP is expected to decrease.

VN Finance Ministry urged to amend out-of-date personal income tax law

The consumer price index (CPI) has increased by 22 percent compared with July 2013, when the 2012 amended PIT Law took effect. However, the taxation threshold remains unchanged.

CPI in January hits record high in recent 7 years

Vietnam’s consumer price index (CPI) in January hit a record high, up 1.23 percent over the previous month and 6.43 percent year on year, according to the General Statistics Office (GSO).


Vietnam's 7.02% GDP growth rate: joys and worries

Vietnam gained a high GDP growth rate of 7.02 percent in 2019. However, many problems still exist.

The challenges for Vietnam’s economy in 2020

Many problems arose in the last months of 2019, which sparked the worry that 2020 would be a tough year for Vietnam’s economy.

Inflation in 2020: many unknowns

The average inflation rate in 2019 was low at 2.79 percent. However, the inflation rate in December 2019 reached 5.23 percent compared with December 2018, and this is worrying.

A lot of pressure for Vietnam's inflation control in 2020

The fluctuating price of pork last year had significant impacts on the market, as the price plummeted in the first half of the year then soared in...

Comprehensive solutions needed to keep inflation in Vietnam below 4%: experts

The prices of multiple products and services are forecast to rise this year, putting pressure on inflation.

Vietnam's industrial production unexpectedly slips

The industrial production index went down in November with the decline of both mining and manufacturing industries. This is a big surprise in the context of stable global and domestic demand.

Vietnamese government, economists optimistic about Q4 economic performance

Vietnam's GDP growth rate is expected to surpass the target and reach 6.8-7 percent.

Vietnam's economy in good health, economists are cautiously optimistic

Though they are optimistic about the economic performance in the first nine months of the year, economists still warn that in the long term,m Vietnam’s economy may be influenced by a global recession.

Personal income tax rates out of date, need amending

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) says that personal income tax (PIT) rates have become out of date after six years of application and need amendment.

PIT law out of date, burdening taxpayers

The prices of essential goods and services have been increasing rapidly, while the personal income tax (PIT) has remained unchanged over the six years.

Mexico’s growth model could lead to same mistakes in Vietnam: experts

Vietnam is following an export-based growth model, striving to become a production base for multinational groups.

Health ministry may walk back service fee increase

The Ministry of Health plans to halt a planned increase of medical service fees if the consumer price index (CPI) increases in 2019, the Vietnam News Agency has reported.