Update news CPI

An upcoming rise in the price of a series of services has prompted many National Assembly members to require the government to come up with solutions to control the CPI which may increase strongly this year.

Vietnamese government determined to fulfil set goals: PM

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc underscored the determination to accomplish all goals set for 2019, striving for a GDP growth of 6.8 percent and reining in inflation under 4 percent at the Government’s monthly meeting held in Hanoi on May 31.

Inflation pressure exists, but overall risks not too high: economists

The price hike of many essential goods recently has put pressure on inflation, but economists believe the inflation rate will be at below 4 percent as targeted.

Inflation rate in 2019 to be lower: economists

VietNamNet Bridge - In the last two years, Vietnam was able to fulfill its economic development plans with a stable macroeconomy, high GDP growth rate, and stable inflation rate. 

Economists fear Vietnam will get old before it gets rich

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam needs to take action promptly, and if not, it may get old before it becomes rich, economists say.

Is Vietnam’s economy too dependent on Samsung?

VietNamNet Bridge - The slowdown in demand for mobile phones may affect Samsung's operations in Vietnam, which could affect the domestic economy. 

Vietnam wants high GDP growth rate, low inflation rate in 2019

VietNamNet Bridge - The National Assembly has approved a resolution on socio-economic development in 2019,  calling for 6.6-6.8 percent GDP growth rate and a maximum 4 percent CPI increase.

Vietnam feels pressure as Chinese economic growth slows

VietNamNet Bridge - The Chinese yuan has depreciated sharply, while the Chinese Q3 GDP growth rate is the lowest in the last decade. 

Petrol price hike may lead to high inflation

Macroeconomic targets were built with the presumed crude oil price at below $50 per barrel. However, the price has exceeded the $90 per barrel threshold, nearing $100.

Inflation in 2019: will it remain below 4-5 percent?

VietNamNet Bridge - Curbing the inflation rate at below 4 percent in 2018 is within reach, but this will be a difficult task in 2019.

Environmental tax hike to put heavy burden on businesses, consumers

VietNamNet Bridge - The heavier environmental tax on petrol is expected to seriously affect businesses and burden the poor.

Vietnam’s economy growing steadily, but bearing pressure

Following a prosperous 2017, Vietnam’s economy has been growing well despite the uncertainties of the global economy. However, problems are still ahead, especially those rising from the China-US trade war.

VN Government takes actions to rein in inflation

VietNamNet Bridge - The government has applied measures to force the prices of essential goods down in an effort to curb inflation at 4 percent or lower.

Curbing interest, inflation rate: difficult question for VN Central Bank

The government of Vietnam wants to keep the interest rate low and stable in order to encourage economic sectors to expand business, thus helping economic growth.

Ten-year cycle of recessions does not always occur: economists

Not many economists believe in the theory that economic crisis happens once every 10 years. However, they are showing concerns about the internal problems of the economy.

Z Gen is the future of global economy

Spending VND13 trillion on food and drinks alone each month, the members of Z generation (Z Gen) in Vietnam are believed to be major consumers in the future.

Vietnam begins to tighten monetary policy

VietNamNet Bridge - In the context of pressure on inflation and exchange rate, macroeconomic stabilization must be the top priority, experts say.

Experts warn of higher inflation in last months of the year

Some weak points of the economy still have not been settled, while the prices of many kinds of goods are predicted to increase. 

Vietnam may have to choose between low growth rate or high inflation

VietNamNet Bridge - The economic performance in recent months, especially in May, shows that the national economy may not maintain the high growth rate seen in the first quarter.

Foreigners may quit stock market if inflation is high: analysts

VietNamNet Bridge - High inflation may put pressure on the exchange rate and prompt foreign investors to withdraw capital from Vietnam’s stock market, analysts say.