Update news CPI

VietNamNet Bridge - The CPI soared by 0.55 percent in May as reported by the General Statistics Office (GSO), a six-year high. 

Tax rise will be burden on consumers: experts

VietNamNet Bridge - Just within one year, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) proposed raising a series of taxes, citing international practices and the goal of increasing tax collections for the state.  

The predicted global recession: will Vietnam prepare for such a scenario?

VietNamNet Bridge - Jim Rogers, the co-founder of Quantum Fund, a familiar name in investors’ circles, has predicted an eventual global recession. How is Vietnam preparing for the scenario?

Retailers flock to Vietnam as consumer spending soars

VietNamNet Bridge - In 2014, Vietnamese were the most economical consumers in South East Asia in a Nielsen survey. However, their spending habits have changed.  

Will cash continue to flow into banks?

Stable inflation rates have helped attract depositors. However, the recent incidents of depositors losing money at some banks, plus the rise of many attractive investment channels, will divert cash flow from banks.

Vietnam economy runs on loans: economist

VietNamNet Bridge - Tran Du Lich, a respected economist, said at a recent annual workshop on the  economy that there are two risks for Vietnam – the middle-income trap, and the risk of growing older (working-age population) before becoming rich. 

Vietnam’s e-commerce firms brace for arrival of Amazon

VietNamNet Bridge - Many in the Vietnamese entrepreneurial community believe the arrival of Amazon, the e-commerce giant, will be a ‘threat’, not an ‘opportunity’.

FMCG companies eyed by foreign firms

Vietnamese companies leading the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market could be acquisition targets for foreign firms in the near future.

Numerous challenges facing Vietnam’s exports in 2018

Despite several obstacles, Vietnam’s exports met and surpassed the targets set by the National Assembly and Government in 2017. 

Vietnamese businesses design new products targeting Gen Z

VietNamNet Bridge - Many Vietnamese companies have launched products and services specifically designed to target Generation Z, or customers born after 1995.

Vietnam cautious about economic growth for 2018

VietNamNet Bridge - Though it believes a 6.7 percent GDP growth rate in 2017 is ‘within reach’, the Ministry of Planning & Investment (MPI) has set a 6.5 percent growth rate for 2018.

GDP growth benefits for the poor lessening: economist

VietNamNet Bridge - The gap between the top 20 percent of the richest people and the lowest 20 per cent of the poor in Vietnam was 4.4 times in 1993, but the figure was 10 times in 2016. 

Stock market on the rise, foreign funds divest shares

VietNamNet Bridge - The VN Index has increased by 14.4 percent this year, staying firmly at the 9-year peak. However, many divestment deals have been made by foreign investment funds.  

Inflation may return by the end of 2017: analysts

VietNamNet Bridge - It will be difficult to curb inflation if unreasonable measures are used to reach a GDP growth rate of 6.7 percent and low inflation rate of 4 percent in 2017.

6.7 percent GDP growth rate not impossible: Minister

“GDP growth has important significance for Vietnam as it creates resources for investment & development, generates jobs, and increases the budget revenue,” said Nguyen Chi Dung, Minister of Planning and Investment (MPI).

Vietnam's GDP remains low despite great advantages

VietNamNet Bridge - The low GDP growth rate in the first quarter of 2017 is a hot topic of discussion at the ongoing National Assembly session. 

6.7 percent GDP growth rate challenge for Vietnam: economists

VietNamNet Bridge - To obtain a 6.7 percent GDP growth rate in 2017, Vietnam needs to change its economic structure, experts say. 

Economists, gov't differ on whether GDP growth rate is attainable

VietNamNet Bridge - The government still insists on a 6.7 percent GDP growth rate target this year, though economists warn it will be out of reach.

Will high inflation return in 2017?

VietNamNet Bridge - The government successfully reined in the inflation rate at below 5 percent in 2016 as planned. However, curbing inflation will be a difficult task for 2017.

$1 billion milestone within reach for Vietnamese businesses

VietNamNet Bridge - In South East Asia, a business with capitalization value of $1 billion, or VND22.4 trillion, would be listed as a medium-size company. However, for Vietnamese, $1 billion is considered a milestone for many businesses.