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A shortage of teachers in specialised subjects is causing concern for high schools that are preparing to implement a long-approved new curriculum for 10th-graders in the next academic year.

Private schools attracting more investment capital

Investment from private equities is heading for the educational sector in Vietnam.

Educators criticized for excessive number of “excellent” students

The Vung Tau City education sub-department has asked Nguyen Thai Binh Secondary School to explain why 42 out of 43 students of a class in the school had ‘excellent student’ titles.

Teachers prepare for new inter-disciplinary lessons

VietNamNet Bridge - General schools in Vietnam are about to apply the new integration teaching method. 

Statements about education that stirred debate in 2017

VietNamNet Bridge - Statements by people who have influence in society stirred public debate in 2017.

When parents sow ‘seeds of violence’

A research project carried out by Plan International found connections between domestic violence and physical abuse at school. 

Hanoi parents struggle to fund children’s tuition at high-quality schools

The new tuition frame for state-owned schools has been approved by the Hanoi authorities, under which the ceiling tuition will be VND4.3 million per student per month for preschool and VND4.5 million for secondary and high school. 

Pedagogy schools offer English training to more students

VietNamNet Bridge - At the Hanoi University of Education, students in natural sciences and technology, biology, and preschool and primary education faculties are now trained in English along with the current Vietnamese program.

Students study 16 hours a day to prepare for high-school entrance exams

VietNamNet Bridge - Secondary school graduates are now gearing up to prepare for the high-school entrance exams, slated for June 9. 

STEM education experiencing growing pains in Vietnam

A research team headed by Tran Thi Huong Giang, MA, from the Vietnam Education Science Institute has discovered problems related to gender equality in textbooks used to teach STEM subjects.

Bachelor’s degree graduates rush to vocational schools

Many graduates with bachelor’s are attending vocational schools because they have been unable to find jobs. 

Three-year university programme doesn’t fit most students: experts

Some universities have expressed concern about the new 3-5 year training model for university education, saying that only the best students would be able to finish the curricula within three years. 

Deviant student behavior at schools alarms educators

Educators and psychologists have urged the creation of a healthy schooling environment following a series of violent incidents involving students.

MOET urged to strictly punish students stop school violence

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Education and Training’s (MOET) Circular 08 on rewarding and disciplining students, which has been valid for 27 years, has become out of date.

Students taught to lie in literature lessons

Teachers described by Vietnamese students in their compositions are all slender and have long black hair, while the personalities in their essays are all heroes. 

Education gets big shake-up

 VietNamNet Bridge – Viet Nam's latest education reforms, the biggest in decades, are expected to change the entire national system, preparing students for their future careers.

National exam for university, high school satisfies students

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) now can sigh with relief as teachers all highly appreciate the way national exam questions were designed. 

Vietnamese parents urged to change parenting mindset

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese students say they feel too much pressure from their parents, who hope they can learn well and succeed in their lives.

HCM City high schools educate students on life lessons

Following the success of a teaching literacy project on Vietnamese values, the teachers at Giong Ong To High School in HCM City are moving ahead with a project on “learning literacy to grow up”. 

High school entrance exams over, but worries continue

VietNamNet Bridge - The math and literature questions raised at the high school entrance exam were viewed as being within students’ capacity to answer. Students said they could finish the tests before the deadline.