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Removing land price table to prevent real estate overheating

Removal of the land price framework issued by the Government will make the market more transparent and prevent real estate from skyrocketing.

Increased inspections and document preparations contribute to housing shortage in HCM City

Real estate developers are spending more time preparing documents for investment and many projects are under legal examination or inspection, contributing to a housing shortage.

What's different about ‘land fever’ in 2021?

According to the Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association, land prices have risen quickly, 10% a month on average. In some places, it has increased 2-3 times in just 1-2 months.

HCM City issues instruction to prevent soaring land prices

HCM City authorities have instructed districts to take urgent action to prevent speculators from exploiting the news about urban development planning.

Land price hikes stop, but property remains expensive

Though land fever has eased, prices are still high. The apartments in projects in advantageous positions are being offered at sky-high prices of VND300-400 million per square meter.

Land fever: speculators spread rumors to push prices up

Land prices recently soared by VND30-50 million per square meter in some places, but the number of successful transactions was modest.

Amid 'land fever', Can Gio district prohibits civil servants from working as land brokers

Land prices in the HCM City suburban district of Can Gio have been soaring following the news that Can Gio will become an inner city district, or a city in the future. The local authorities have prohibited civil servants from acting as land brokers.

As land prices soar, land management in 26 provinces to be inspected

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has told local authorities to inventory land and report on land use. 

What’s behind the 'land fever' phenomenon?

The market often cools down when periods of "land fever" end, but then new higher price levels reoccur later.

Local authorities struggle to stop real estate bubble

The real estate market remains feverish not because of high demand and short supply, but because of speculation, experts have said.

Speculators lose big money during 'land fever'

Investors pourin money into real estate seeking profits from land price increases have not attached much importance to the surplus value from production and business, which seriously affects the economy, experts say.

Speculation pushes land prices up: Ministry of Construction

Real estate speculators have been exploiting urban expansion plans to push up prices beyond the real value, according to the Ministry of Construction (MOC).

Industrial land prices escalate as more multinationals head for Vietnam

The land rent in industrial zones has seen a year-on-year increase of 20-30 percent, according to CBRE Vietnam.

HCMC studies general plan for Thu Duc City

The HCMC government is studying a general plan for Thu Duc City with an area of more than 21,000 hectares to boost its transit-oriented development, green traffic and flood control.

Phu Quoc real estate market forecast to grow, driven by upgrade into first island city

The real estate market of Phu Quoc in the Cuu Long (Mekong) River Delta of Kiên Giang was forecast to be robust as the island district has just been given the green light to be upgraded to the country’s first island city in March this year.

Land price soars by 600%: advantages turn into barriers to development

The sharp increase in the land price framework for the 2020-2024 period will have an adverse impact on the investment environment of many localities, experts have warned.

Da Nang land market falls into crisis

The Da Nang land market has been in a crisis for many reasons.

New F1 race track has not led to higher land prices

Contrary to real estate investors and businesses’ expectations, one year after the Formula 1 race track kicked off, the real estate market in Hanoi remains at a standstill.

Vietnam remains attractive destination to investors

With COVID-19 and trade tensions driving the shift of production lines from China to Southeast Asia, Vietnam, in particular, seems to have emerged as an attractive destination for investors and manufacturers alike, experts have predicted.

Land prices escalate in some localities, ‘bogus’ projects break out

The real estate market was lackluster last year. The land fever in early 2019 was followed by a sharp decline in supply and the number of transactions.