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Vietnam imports pork in large quantities

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) has done what it promised – imported pork in large quantities from the US, Canada, Brazil and Russia to stabilize the pork market.

Farm produce sales fall, but rice exports soar

While many agricultural and aquatic products remain unsold because of decreased demand during Covid-19, rice sales have been satisfactory.

Wood product processors need to restructure production due to COVID-19

Local wood processing enterprises need to continue reorganising their production and business activities to deal with difficulties during the novel coronavirus pandemic, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


Rice products remains bright star among VN's farm export items

While most farm export items met with difficulties in the first months of the year, rice exports unexpectedly soared as the world increased its reserves.

VN coffee growers warned of gloomy future

Coffee prices have fallen dramatically, and some farmers are giving up because of problems because of price fluctuations and supply-demand imbalances.

VN cracks down on use of banned substance in fish food

Vietnam will strengthen controls on Ethoxyquin in feed production for the fishery industry to ensure stability in seafood exports to the EU, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).


Lack of capital, human resources, land impedes rice production

Vietnam is a major rice producer and exporter in the world, but Vietnamese farmers and companies cannot make fat profits.

Institutional barriers restrict development of Vietnam farmland market

In spite of huge demand, the inefficient legal framework is making the process of land grouping difficult for all parties involved.

VN Agriculture Ministry reassures public that pork shortage will not occur

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Ha Cong Tuan affirmed that the ministry will not allow the pork price to increase dramatically as it has in China.

African swine fever outbreak brings higher profits for large companies

The African swine fever (ASF) has had a negative impact on small-scale farming households, but has brought benefits to large companies, according to VnDirect Securities.

Vietnam’s farm produce uncompetitive because of packaging problems

To attract customers, manufacturers need to pay more attention to packaging, experts said.

Ministries disagree on pork imports

While the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) considers importing pork to ease the domestic short supply, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) fears the imports will hurt the domestic livestock industry.

Chinese farm produce market choosier, causing concern among exporters

Vietnam’s businesses have had to change the way of organizing production to satisfy the increasingly high demand from China.

Vietnam warned of becoming dumping ground for beef

The volume of pig, chicken and pork imports has soared recently. Buyers and sellers conduct transactions easily online.

Vietnam's rice exports to China plunge

Instead of continuing to be an easy-to-be-please rice importer, China has been reducing imports, showing its ambition to become an exporter.

Vietnam's banana exports go up, join $17 billion glass bam market

Bananas have become a new key export item in Vietnam’s agricultural sector.

Mekong Delta needs ecological reservoirs, says senior expert

Prof Dr Dao Xuan Hoc, chair of the Vietnam Water Resources Association,  believes that ecological reservoirs are a good solution to ease floods, and mitigate landslides and subsidence in Mekong Delta.

Pork imports spike, Vietnam's livestock industry under pressure

Vietnam has increased pork imports in the last six months amid the African swine fever epidemic. However, the quality of imports is questionable as Vietnam’s agencies are still weak at quarantine work.

Large-scale fields underdeveloped due to lack of capital

The large-scale field model has developed more slowly after a boom period.

Fruit-radiation service market remains inaccessible to businesses

To obtain the right to provide radiation of fruits to be exported to the US, Toan Phat Company not only had to ask for permission from Aphis but also get consent from Son Son, the only service provider at this time.vvv