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Vietnam, together with Brazil, Indonesia and India that are emerging markets, have made practical contributions to Apple’s group’s outstanding performance in the second quarter of this year, said CEO Tim Cook.

US$7 billion mum and baby market attracts foreign investors

The retail market for mothers and kids is attracting large distributors amid rebounding demand after the pandemic.

VN firms struggle as China lockdowns disrupt supply chains

Vietnamese businesses are finding it difficult to cope with supply chain breakages as a result of China enforcing strict COVID-19 lockdown policies to curb recent outbreaks.

Navigating supply chain, shipping issues remain tricky for Vietnamese exporters

Sea freight rates continue to escalate as they track petroleum prices, pushing up export costs and thus reducing the competitiveness of Vietnamese goods, according to businesses.

Online wholesale markets: Solution for goods circulation

If there is a nationwide B2B wholesale trading floor for domestic agricultural products, the supply chain of agricultural products will not be disrupted, even in the time of an epidemic.


Maintaining supply chains and circulation - the key task in pandemic

During the peak of the pandemic, Vietnamese products such as Luc Ngan and Thanh Ha lychee and Binh Thuan dragon fruit were still shipped abroad. Some kinds of goods were event sold to the pickiest markets at high prices for the first time.


Experts seek ways for Vietnam to have healthier supply chain

Though the pandemic has seriously impacted the world and Vietnam, it has accelerated the supply chain shift by diversifying, regionalising the production chain and scaling up global value chains.

Different pandemic prevention rules in different provinces causing headaches

The application of different regulations on pandemic prevention and control in different cities/provinces is causing difficulties for enterprises.

Export begins suffering from Covid-19

Since August, Vietnam’s export sector has started to feel the devastating effects of the pandemic and strict social distancing measures in many localities nationwide plus the disruption of supply chains and production.

Long-term prospects outlast supply chain concerns

Vietnam’s rising involvement in global supply chain networks has been hampered by the pandemic, but its increasingly important role in the long term is not judged to be at risk.

Experts propose solutions to supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19

A group of experts of the Hanoi-based National Economics University have put forward several immediate solutions to remove bottlenecks and connect disrupted supply chains that have impacted localities hit by COVID-19.


High global demand opens up opportunities for Vietnamese producers

Vietnamese producers have been put under pressure because of the complex developments of the pandemic, but, in risks, opportunities always exist.

Central farmers make efforts to maintain cultivation during Covid-19 pandemic

Drought and the Covid-19 pandemic have been heavily affecting the lives of people across the country and the Central of Vietnam.

Priorities for economic recovery policies toward the end of 2021

In the first half of 2021, Vietnam in general achieved considerable growth targets in the context of a stable macro environment.

Seafood producers plan long-term production in anticipation of long-lasting pandemic

Realizing that they will have to ‘live with the pandemic’ for a long time, seafood companies have reorganized their production to adapt to the new circumstances.

Five postal companies provide 14,600 tons of essential goods to localities

Reports from five postal companies showed that 14,584 tons of essential goods were provided to localities throughout the country as of August 7, an increase of 11 percent over the day before.

Retailers, producers of essential goods need vaccines to maintain supply chains

Retail systems and businesses producing essential goods, despite difficulties in transporting goods and a labor shortage, are striving to maintain operations and stabilize selling prices to meet consumer demand.

Supply chain crisis ahead for top brands

The ongoing disruption in Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces poses a threat to the global supply chain of multinational corporations, which source goods from Vietnamese-based suppliers.

Vietnam needs improved marketing strategy

The global outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has made the world realize the limitations in the current supply chain, which shows an over reliance on just one link, which is a plausible reason for the collapse of the system. 

UKVFTA - a boost to Vietnam-UK trade

After the UK-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (UKVFTA) took effect on December 31, 2020, both sides saw impressive growth in their two-way trade though exports faced formidable challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.