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Chinese cars become more popular in Vietnam

Chinese cars can attract Vietnamese customers because they cleverly imitate European, Japanese and American luxury models in appearance, while the selling prices are very reasonable.

Managing fresh automobile clusters for post-virus boost

The outbreak of the coronavirus has had negative effects on global supply chains in the world’s automobile industry.

Vietnam struggles to fulfill dream of building an auto industry

Instead of reducing taxes and fees, the State needs to set reasonable policies to develop automobile supporting industries, experts say.

Vietnam's auto consumers expected to enjoy 50 percent cut in registration fee

The Ministry of Finance has officially asked the Government to cut 50 percent of the registration fee for customers who buy locally-produced and assembled automobiles.

Vietnam gears up to export cars

Vietnamese manufacturers are taking steps to become the ‘new Detroit of Asia’.

Auto manufacturers manage to retain workers

While automobile manufacturers in the world have laid off workers in large quantities to reduce operation costs during the Covid-19 crisis, automobile joint ventures in Vietnam have retained their workforce.

Inconsistent policies burden VN automobile industry

Car sales dropped sharply by 40 percent in Q1 2020 as several industries cannot reach agreement on solutions to develop the automobile industry.

VN car market continues to slide

As predicted by experts, the Vietnamese automobile market continues sliding as manufacturers cannot sell products and their production has arrived at a ‘new normal’.

Vietnam slashes registration fee by half to rev up domestic car sales

The decision, set to valid until the end of 2020, would help customers save thousands of dollars.

Chinese cars to arrive in Vietnam en masse

Chinese cars will flood the Vietnamese market, both CBU and domestically assembled products, soon after the epidemic ends.

Cars unsold, Ministry asks for rescue action

The inventory index of the automobile industry is 122.5 percent in Q1 compared to the same period last year, though the output has decreased by 10.4 percent.

Luxurious car brands forecasted to increase market share

The luxurious car market is expected to develop strongly this year, despite the automobile industry facing challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic,...

With tax and fee decreases, automobiles will be cheaper than ever

If the government agrees to slash taxes and fees for domestically assembled cars, this will be a ‘doping dose’ for domestic automobile manufacturers and consumers.

VN automobile sales fall to 5-year low

Car sales have dropped to a 5-year low and may continue to slide if the pandemic persists.

Auto exports target 100,000 products

Vietnamese automobile manufacturers are cherishing the dream of entering the world market.

VN autos, textiles and garments, wooden furniture businesses suffer during Covid-19

The number of garment orders for the next two months has decreased by 70 percent, while wooden furniture enterprises have cut capacity by 70 percent for next week. Automobile manufacturers have closed factories.

Prices plummet, factories halt operation, auto market hit hard by Covid-19

Despite sharp price cuts of hundreds of million of dong, cars still cannot find buyers. The automobile market is predicted to see a minus 15 percent growth rate this year.

Toyota Motor Vietnam suspends vehicle production

Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV) suspended vehicle production on March 30.

Supporting industries leading automakers towards success

Vietnam is striving to successfully build up its automobile industry. 

Vietnam’s car market cools on Covid-19

The domestic car market is gloomy as people are not making purchases despite the sharp price falls.