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Thailand has continued to hold a large share of Vietnam's car imports according to initial statistics of the General Department of Vietnam Customs.

Automobile industry: localization ratio still low, price still high

After 25 years of development, the automobile industry has failed to reach its localization ratio goal, while cars in Vietnam are more expensive than other regional countries.

Used car dealers offer preferences, market warms up

Used car dealers do not want to lower prices for fear of losses, but they are offering many preferences to attract buyers.

Automotive market enters year-end sales

It is more than two months until the Lunar New Year, but now automakers have rushed to launch several promotional campaigns.

Cars to remain affordable after preferential tax reduction expires

New sale promotions on automobiles are expected to be run after the 50 percent vehicle registration tax reduction policy expires.

Preferential registration tax policy expires, domestically made automobiles at a disadvantage

From 2021, when the preferential registration tax policy is removed, domestically made cars will be at a disadvantage compared with imports.

When will taxes be lowered to reduce automobile prices?

The government has affirmed its policy to encourage the development of the automobile industry. However, the ‘encouragement’ is not attractive in the eyes of manufacturers.

VN automobile industry: new circumstances offer opportunity

Vietnam now has a new opportunity to develop its automobile industry. If the chance is missed, the country will become an automobile import market.

Thousands of Mercedes-Benz recalled in Vietnam over defective airbags

Some 3,200 Mercedes-Benz cars in Vietnam have been found to have problems with Takata airbags, according to the Vietnam Register.

Vietnam to change tax, customs policy to encourage automobile industry

Developing an automobile industry is a part of the strategy to turn Vietnam into a modern and industrialized country by 2030. More preferences for the industry will be offered in the time to come.

Vietnam still dreams of becoming an automobile production base

Some foreign automobile manufacturers and car part producers are considering setting up manufacturing facilities in Vietnam. Will Vietnam take advantage of the opportunity to become a production base in the region?

Low-cost Chinese cars do not sell well in Vietnam

Despite slow sales, Chinese auto manufacturers have never given up the ambition to penetrate the Vietnamese market.

The last chance for Vietnam’s automobile industry

The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) is compiling a plan to develop the automobile industry in the post-Covid-19 period with many new solutions.

Preferential registration tax expires by year end, people rush to buy cars

The car market has recovered recently, though sales are not as good as the same period last year. The demand for both new and used cars is increasing, and the prices are escalating.

Vietnam’s super luxury car market shrinks because of sky-high taxes, fees

To own a super luxury car, one has to pay tens of billions of dong in taxes and fees, which are 3-4 times higher than imported car prices.

Car dealers sprint in last months of year, car prices plummet

A number of large manufacturers slashed car prices in early October, signaling a fierce race in the Vietnamese auto market.

Cars in Vietnam 2-3 times more expensive than in other countries

For many people, the news that automobile manufacturers have paid high amounts of tax to the state in the context of slow auto sales indicates that cars are being sold at sky-high prices in Vietnam.

Dreaming big, investors pour trillions of dong into automobile factories

The Vietnamese automobile market is full of potential with predicted sales of up to 1.8 million products a year, but it still remains risky to invest in the industry.

Deadline for luxury tax payment on auto manufacturers extended

The decision on allowing car manufacturers to extend the luxury tax payment deadline will help them maintain cash flow amid the Covid-19 pandemic and stimulate demand.

Prices of luxury cars from Europe will not go down immediately

The import tariff on European car imports will be decreasing gradually by 7 percent per annum. It will take at least five years to see considerable price decreases.