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Doctor dedicates life to cancer patients

Dao Van Tu’s career in the medical sector is no coincidence. It stems from his childhood.

Doctor, medical employee assaults investigated

 VietNamNet Bridge – Police of Dong Hoi City in the central province of Quang Binh have launched an official investigation into an assault on a doctor at a city hospital.

Highway doctor treats traffic victims for free

VietNamNet Bridge – Dao Thi Lien has spent more than three decades offering help and free treatment to traffic victims at Kim Thanh crossroad in Phuc Thanh District, called the "crossroad of death".

Doctor dedicates life to treating the poor

VietNamNet Bridge – Doctor Vo Truong Nhu Ngoc has spent 13 years treating poor people in remote areas. He talks to the reporter about what inspired him to devote his career to helping unfortunate patients nationwide. 

The man who welcomes the future

Nguyen Viet Tien is Deputy Minister of Health and Director of the National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He is well-known for having performed many complicated obstetric surgeries, saving the lives of thousands of mothers and children.

A fighter against epidemics

Dr. Nguyen Hong Ha who is the Deputy Director of the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases has been engaged in the treatment of infectious diseases for over 30 years. He has many times coped with dangerous “pandemics” to save the lives of patients.

University’s Vice President suspected of plagiarizing doctorate

 VietNamNet Bridge – Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Canh Luong, Vice President of the Hanoi University of Technology, has been denounced of plagiarizing a dissertation 20 years ago.

Former CEOs jailed for deforestation

Eight former officials were sentenced to between ten months' probation and three years in jail by the People's Court of Central Highland Dak Nong Province for causing the loss of over 1,300 hectares of forests.

Plastic surgeon throws patient body into Red River

Hanoi police on Monday afternoon arrested Doctor Nguyen Manh Tuong, 40, the owner of Cat Tuong beauty salon and a guard named Dao Quang Khanh, for investigating the acts of murder. Ten employees were also summoned for investigation.

Thousands of people march on street with pregnant woman’s coffin

Highway 45, the section crossing Van Ha town, Thanh Hoa province was congested with traffic for several kilometers in the afternoon of October 20 because thousands of people marched on the road with the coffin of a pregnant woman.

The final minutes of General Vo Nguyen Giap

At 5pm on October 4, the pulse and blood pressure of the General had unusual signs. After about 30 minutes, the heart beat stopped and the General passed away at 6.09pm, after 1,559 days in treatment at the Central Military Hospital 108.

Health Ministry to make a conclusion on vaccine quality in June

The Ministry of Health will make the decision to use Quinvaxem or replace it by another vaccine in late June, said Professor Nguyen Tran Hien, Chairman of the National Immunization Program.

The first patient of A/H1N1 flu in HCM City dies

VietNamNet Bridge – An old man has been determined to have died of A/H1N1 flu in HCM City. This is the first death of A/H1N1 influenza so far this year in the city.

Thanh Hoa: 12-year-old girl died of swine flu

A little girl from the central province of Thanh Hoa died of the H1N1 influenza strain known as swine flu at the Hanoi-based Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases this morning, April 23, reported the hospital’s deputy director Nguyen Hong Ha.

Rate of incorrect diagnosis is very high

More than half of the patients who should be treated at the district level hospitals and more than one third of those only needing treatment at the provincial level hospitals go to central level hospitals for treatment. Why?

Health sector faces a workforce crisis

VietNamNet Bridge - The gap in the level of expertise among physicians is increasingly widening, breaking the structure of the current health care system in Vietnam, which is divided by levels.

Doctors rescue woman’s set of teeth that stuck together for 30 years

After an accident, Ms. Nguyen Thi D suffered from an odd disease – her set of teeth stuck together and she could not open the mouth. For nearly 30 years, she could not eat like normal people.

Go to "healthy market" in Hanoi

VietNamNet Bridge – The wretched life of patients and their relatives at hospitals is revealed at a photo exhibition named “Health Market” at No. 45 Trang Tien, Ha Noi.


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