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Minister of Natural Resources and Environment recalls his eventful 5-year term

Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment Tran Hong Ha recently spoke with VietNamNet about his five-year term on the ‘hot seat’, and about dealing with environmental incidents, preoccupations and plans.

No appropriate solutions implemented to improve pollution: MONRE

An increase in the number of industrial zones has been polluting Vietnam’s environment, and there are no appropriate solutions in place, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) warned in its draft 2019 report.

Vietnam to develop modern air monitoring network

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) is moving ahead with a project on building 19 automatic air environment monitoring stations in 17 cities and provinces and 20 stations specializing in measuring PM2.5 dust.

Clearer legal framework on certifying condotel and officetel projects

The MoNRE has just issued a document to guide land-use regimes and ownership certification of non-residential construction, including condotel and officetel.

New document released to regulate use of non-residential real estate

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) has sent a document to local departments to regulate the use and certification of non-residential real estate projects.


Natural Resources-Environment Ministry gains progress in administrative reform: officials

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has made strides in administrative reform, shown by the reduction of time spent on processing administrative procedures in the field of environment, officials have said.

Vietnam wants top environmental workers

Vo Tuan Nhan, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, speaks on Vietnam’s resolve to improve human resources in the environmental sector.

VN Environment Ministry to survey Mekong Delta’s subsidence

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment plans to make a full inspection of subsidence in the Mekong Delta provinces between 2020 and 2025.

Vietnam to install air quality monitoring system

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) is planning to design a system to monitor air quality across all provinces and cities.

Achievements in urbanization must not be covered with garbage

People throughout the country will join forces to eliminate landfills and build a waste treatment industry, contributing a new achievement to the urbanization process.

Vietnam lacks data for research to fight air pollution

There are three ‘pillars’ for air quality management, including data from emission sources, air monitoring data, and assessments about the human impact. Vietnam lacks data about all three.

Tax on plastic packaging proposed

Warning about the increasingly high amount of plastic waste and the serious environmental consequences, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will propose a tax on plastic packaging to limit production and consumption.

Saigonese upset about bad odors from domestic waste collection stations

HCM City residents in many areas are complaining about the stench allegedly coming from waste treatment plants and waste collection stations.

Made-in-Vietnam waste water treatment can be used in industrial zones

ETM-hika system can separate raw and fine garbage to remove large-size waste and impurities, which, combined with the application of physicochemical technology, can eliminate harmful substances and protect the environment.

Wildlife trafficking increases in Vietnam as demand continues to rise

Vietnam is among 16 countries with a high level of biodiversity and is also among the biggest hot spots for wildlife trafficking.

Corruption hinders fight against elephant ivory trafficking

The battle against elephant tusk traffickers remains difficult as the violators are protected by corrupt officials who take bribes.

Agencies argue whether Formosa’s slag is recyclable

The Thai Nguyen Department of Natural Resources and the Environment has proposed stopping the recycling of Formosa’s slag to make steel, saying that slag cannot meet the requirements for recycling.

Loopholes found in licensing for raising big-headed turtles

Big-headed turtles, or Platysternon megacephalum, is one of the most unusual turtle species in the world which needs conservation. However, due to legal loopholes, the turtles are being traded in the open air at licensed farms.

Solutions to prevent dumping of trash in environment still not found

Young people and volunteers have spent thousands of working days removing trash in ‘hot environment spots’.

Will plastic-waste roads replace asphalt roads?

Making roads from plastic waste is a solution that would use disposable plastic waste, which is used in high quantities in Vietnam.