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To tax or not to tax: survival of gaming industry depends on ministry

Vietnamese game firms have called on the Ministry of Finance (MOF) to rethink the intention to impose luxury tax on games, saying that the tax will cause Vietnamese games to lose competitiveness and the home market controlled by pirated games.

Vietnam’s first game festival held in HCM City

Vietnam GameVerse 2023, the first of its kind for game lovers, kicked off in Ho Chi Minh City on April 1.

VN game developers register business, pay tax in Singapore

The attractive incentives offered by Singapore and barriers in Vietnam have caused many Vietnamese firms to register their businesses in Singapore.

Despite high salaries, tech firms are seriously short of game coders

The shortage of coders, which is at a red alert stage, could hinder the development of Vietnamese game production firms.

Vietnamese startups choose to set up headquarters in Singapore: CEO

Nguyen Thanh Trung, CEO of Axie Infinity, said some of Vietnam’s startups want to set up headquarters in Singapore instead of Vietnam because it’s easier to call for investment there.

'I’m not a dollar billionaire': Axie Infinity CEO

CEO Nguyen Thanh Trung said that he is not a dollar millionaire, explaining that the market capitalization of AXS tokens is different from the capitalization of Sky Mavis.

Opening the huge market for e-sports

Along with the development of the game market and digital entertainment platform, eSports has potential for development in a diverse and highly globalized ecosystem.

Global list includes name of Vietnamese “unicorns”

Startup Sky Mavis with the game Axie Infinity has surprised the Vietnamese startup community when it reached a huge total market capitalization - US$2.4 billion - after three years since its release, a record time in the Asian technology world.

Alliance of Vietnamese Game Producers and Distributors to be established this year

Six major companies have agreed to join the Alliance of Vietnamese Game Producers and Distributors, which is expected to be established in 2021.

Vietnamese-made games now played around the world

To create a level playing field and help Vietnamese develop games reach the world market, it is necessary to have more reasonable policies, experts say.

Vietnamese mobile app creator reports revenue of $14 million in 2020

The Cau Giay district taxation agency in Hanoi has reported that a 28-year old woman earned revenue of VND330 billion, or $14 million, in 2020 and paid personal income tax of VND23.4 billion.

Can Vietnam’s game industry reach out to the world?

Many industries have been promoted in the digital era and during the Covid-19 crisis. However, Vietnam’s game industry is still outside the game.

Revenue of unlicensed games on par with licensed games in Vietnam

It is estimated that licensed games bring revenue of $325 million to game firms and distributors.

Big problems arising in mobile game management

The shift from PC games to mobile games has made it more difficult for management agencies to control online games.

Vietnam mulls solutions to prevent unlicensed cross-border games

Preventing unlicensed games from crossing the border to Vietnamese gamers has been an ongoing headache for management agencies.

Who are the eSports prodigies in Vietnam?

Although they are very young, the following people have affirmed their high positions and names in the fields of eSports.

Vietnamese eSports players with highest income in H1

Esports has become a high-income sport for young people with passion and knowledge for online games.

The richest self-made streamers in Vietnam

With stable incomes during the Covid-19 pandemic and large fanbases, streaming is a job pursued by many young people, but only a few are hugely successful at this moment. .

Nghe An: Playing hero, 11th grader leaves five-year-old boy to die

A five-year-old – named as H. T. V. D. – was found dead with his wrists tied late Tuesday in central Nghe An Province’s Quynh Luu District.

Fifth grader designs online games to gain victory over Covid-19

Many general school students have turned the long days off into meaningful days by making useful things to fight against the epidemic.