Update news VEPR

Vietnam’s economy has shown signs of recovery but the world is still reeling in the fight against Covid-19. As such, Vietnam needs to be well prepared for any upheaval.

VEPR downgrades Vietnam's GDP growth forecast in 2020

The Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR) estimated local GDP growth for this year at between 2.6 per cent and 2.8 per cent at a workshop yesterday in Hanoi, lower than the 3.8 per cent it forecast in July.

Strong reform needed to attract high-quality FDI

In order to attract high-quality FDI capital from the US, Vietnam needs to commit to strong reform, analysts say.

ASEAN needs to collaborate for better tax policy: report

ASEAN and all member states must collaborate to establish a better tax policy system to build sustainability and resilience across the region, found a report launched on Thursday in Ha Noi.


Vietnam warned of troublemaking transshipment from China, S.Korea to US

Vietnam should take stronger measures related to origin of goods and products to avoid risks of lawsuits or being taken advantage of by other countries to evade US import tariffs.

Fees and charges make up growing shares in Vietnam state budget revenue

Such increases have created a burden on the citizens, while multinationals are taking advantage of Vietnam’s incentive policies to avoid taxes.

It may take one year to recover VN economy: experts

A low GDP growth rate is unavoidable in 2020 as the economy has been seriously affected by Covid-19.

Digital economy to be pillar of future society

The digital and platform economies would become pillars of our future society,

Vietnam’s businesses borrow big money for production activities

People who have idle money are engaging in property speculation, but at the same time many producers seriously lack money, according to Pham The Anh from the Hanoi Economics University.

Better legal framework needed to fuel economic growth: VEPR

Building a transparent legal framework; improving business climate; adopting flexible policies on imports, exports and foreign exchange rates; protecting environment will be needed to achieve economic growth target of 6.8%.

Vietnam needs to change policy or lose out in Industry 4.0

Vietnam needs a “revolution in its policy-making mind-set” before it can take advantage of the fourth industrial revolution, said Pham Xuan Hoe from the Banking Strategy Institute, at a forum in Hanoi on January 7.

Vietnam can be a leader in tax reform: Oxfam

Vietnam has the potential to become a leader in tax reform, said Johan Langerock, tax policy expert of Oxfam at the Vietnam Fiscal Policy and Development Forum 2019, which opened in Hanoi on November 13.

Vietnam export growth brings risk of charge of currency manipulation

Increasing exports to the US, Vietnam is a step closer to the risk of alleged monetary manipulation as US President Trump tries to reach a trade agreement with China at a negotiation round this October.

Vietnam’s economy forecast to grow 6.96% in 2019: think tank

The growth forecast for Vietnam’s economy in 2019 has been upgraded to 6.96% from an earlier estimate of 6.56-6.81% by the Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR).


85 percent of Vietnam's enterprises remain outside of Industry 4.0: report

As many as 85 percent of industrial enterprises in Vietnam still lag behind the fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), and only 13 per cent are at the beginner level, one official has warned.


Manpower export: benefits, risks

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam exports laborers to help youth get a good job and to improve the professional qualifications of Vietnamese workers. 

Economists, gov't differ on whether GDP growth rate is attainable

VietNamNet Bridge - The government still insists on a 6.7 percent GDP growth rate target this year, though economists warn it will be out of reach.

Is Vietnam’s agriculture suffering from "Dutch disease"?

Nguyen Duc Thanh from VEPR believes that Vietnam’s agriculture is suffering from so-called Dutch disease. It is still fumbling for ways to develop, though it leads the world in the output of some products. 

What’s behind billions of dollars deposited at foreign banks?

The economists from VEPR (the Vietnam Centre for Economic and Policy Research) believe that even if the dollar interest rate decreases to a very low level, businesses would still prefer borrowing dong.

2015 budget deficit at 7% of GDP: report

 VietNamNet Bridge – Last year’s budget deficit reached an estimated 7% of nominal gross domestic product (GDP), the highest level since 2000, the Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR) said in a quarter-four report.