Update news CAAV

VietNamNet Bridge - In December 2003, the Vietnam-US Bilateral Air Transport Agreement was signed, allowing air carriers to open direct air routes between the two countries. 

Airline competition redraws Vietnam's aviation map

Vietnam Airlines continues to be a traditional airline which provides full-service flights, but it will cooperate with Jetstar Pacific to exploit the lower-end market. Vietjet Air targets a hybrid model between traditional and low-cost airlines.

Vietnam Airlines sells cheap air tickets as aviation market heats up

Vietnam Airlines, the nation’s flag air carrier, has decided to join hands with Jetstar Pacific to market cheap air tickets priced from VND11,000 to VND1 million for both domestic and international routes. 

Vietjet Air share prices rise, but VN Airlines has larger market share

Analyst continue to draw comparisons between Vietnam Airlines, the nation’s flag air carrier, and the low cost carrier Vietjet Air, as both of them have listed shares on the stock market.

Vietnam’s aviation market: high growth, big challenges

VietNamNet Bridge - The Vietnamese aviation sector has become more attractive as well as more challenging as many investors are expressing interest in the market. 

Vietjet enters stock market, plans to issue bonds in int'l market

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietjet Air has launched its IPO and plans to list its shares at the HCMC Stock Exchange (HOSE) on February 28. It is also considering issuing bonds in the international market.  

Vietnam Airlines vs Vietjet Air: who will gain the upper hand?

Vietnam Airlines, the national flag air carrier, unexpectedly lost its Number 1 position in terms of domestic passenger transport during Tet to Vietjet Air. However, it remains a favorite air carrier thanks to high OTP (on-time performance).

Vietnam-US direct air routes may begin in 2018

In the first quarter of 2017, FAA will send staff to Vietnam to assess Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam’s (CAAV) safety supervision capability in preparation for Vietnamese air carriers to open direct air routes to the US.

Is Vietnam’s aviation sector becoming too hot?

VietNamNet Bridge - Minister of Transport Truong Quang Nghia’s view that it is necessary to tighten control over flight licensing to pave the way for development of other modes of transport has raised controversy.

How many aircraft do Vietnamese airlines need?

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam’s air carriers are trying to expand their fleets by purchasing new aircraft in large quantities, but poor infrastructure is hindering their work.

Corporations enter bourse, aviation stocks about to take off

The sharp price increase of aviation companies’ shares is attributed to their good business performance and investors’ high expectations for Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV), Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet Air.

Airlines race to list on stock market

VietNamNet Bridge - While Vietjet Air plans an IPO (initial public offering) by the end of the year, Vietnam Airlines, which has just shifted from a state-owned enterprise to a joint stock company, has vowed to enter the bourse soon.

Multi-billion dollar affairs shake up aviation industry

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam’s aviation industry has scored new grade promotions recently with high revenue growth rate and rapid development of modern fleets.

Existing airports left idle, new airports built

VietNamNet Bridge - While many airports in the Mekong Delta are still idle, the Ministry of Transport (MOT) is considering building new ones.

Who will take care of aviation security?

VietNamNet Bridge - Airports Corporation of Vietnam's (ACV) transition to a joint stock company may affect aviation security, some experts believe. 

Aviation infrastructure overloaded

VietNamNet Bridge - The overloaded infrastructure is a major reason behind the high percentage of canceled and delayed flights.

CAAV considers building Noi Bai 2 Airport in Hanoi

VietNamNet Bridge - The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) thinks a second Noi Bai airport is necessary, but aviation experts disagree. 

Transport Ministry gives ‘go ahead’ to Vietstar Airlines, Finance Ministry pulls back

VietNamNet Bridge - After four years of operation, Vietstar Airlines wants to increase its charter capital and expand the fleet. However, two ministries cannot reach agreement on the issue.

Lai Chau airport project raises controversy

VietNamNet Bridge - Lai Chau, a poor province with more than a half of the residents listed as poor, plans to build an airport with total investment capital of VND8 trillion.

Vietnam Airlines plans to sell super-aircraft

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam Airlines, the national flag air carrier, is seeking shareholders’ approval for the sale of three Airbus A350s it would receive in 2016-2017.