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VietNamNet Bridge - Soon after the US officially granted non-stop flight permission to Vietnam, domestic airlines set to work to prepare to fly to the US.

Airlines expand fleets, but aviation infrastructure still inadequate

VietNamNet Bridge - Air carriers have bought more next-generation aircraft as a part of their expansion plans, but infrastructure has not caught up with the expansion rate.

How will Bamboo Airways affect the aviation market?

The national flag air carrier Vietnam Airlines and the private Vietjet Air continue to dominate the domestic aviation market, but newcomers may begin to take away some market share. 

Aviation infrastructure projects receive more private investment

VietNamNet Bridge - Sun Group, FLC and IPP have poured money into aviation infrastructure, which was once thought to be beyond private investors’ capability.

Are Vietjet’s recent troubles the result of scorching-hot development?

From a small airline with only three aircraft in 2011, Vietjet Air has become a big low-cost air carrier (LCC) with annual revenue of VND50 trillion.

Poor airport infrastructure hinders Vietnam’s tourism development

VietNamNet Bridge - The overloading at airports and delays of flights could lead to a drop in tourism, experts say. 

Vietnam considers lifting age ceiling of aircraft

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Transport, which is drafting amendments for Decrees 92 and 30 on air transport, is contemplating a five-year extension to the maximum life expectancy of aircraft used by airlines in Vietnam.

Bamboo Airways: the carrier with many “unknowns”

VietNamNet Bridge - A lot of questions about Bamboo Airways, the newest airline in Vietnam, remain unanswered, from the quality of the fleet to the competitiveness of the air carrier.

Private capital to flow into aviation infrastructure projects

Many private investors are willing to pour money into aviation infrastructure, though the business field requires huge capital and a long time to recover capital.

Investors eye aviation market as it continues to expand

Ninety-four million passengers went through airports in 2017 in Vietnam. The number of air passengers is expected to reach 142 million by 2020. 

Vietnam’s aviation market heats up

Sixty-three foreign airlines from 25 countries and territories will have 105 international air routes to Vietnam by October 2018, a sharp increase compared with 2016 when there were 78 air routes.

Aviation market grows as infrastructure construction lags behind

The number of passengers traveling by air has increased rapidly and more air carriers have joined the market, but infrastructure conditions have not developed proportionally.

Bamboo Airways faces pilot shortage, lack of infrastructure

VietNamNet Bridge - Bamboo Airways, the newly established airline, faces a lack of qualified workers and weak infrastructure, according to experts. 

Can Tan Son Nhat airport improve its capacity in an efficient way?

If the flight operation process is changed and advanced technologies are used to improve organizational and management capability, the capacity of Tan Son Nhat Airport will improve, experts say.

Aviation security policies proposed for first private airport

In the latest report to the Ministry of Transport (MOT), the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) proposed two options for aviation security assurance at Van Don, the first privately operated airport of Vietnam.

Air carriers grow rapidly, but aviation infrastructure lags behind

VietNamNet Bridge - Aviation infrastructure still cannot catch up with the pace of the development of airlines.

Vietnam Airlines reconsiders date to open direct routes to the US

If it opens direct air routes to the US by 2018 as planned, Vietnam Airlines may bear a loss of up to $50 million per annum.

Airlines queuing up for take-off

VietNamNet Bridge - A number of official statements to establish new airlines in Vietnam have been issued recently by domestic and foreign investors.

Private jet market warming up

VietNamNet Bridge - The news that Thai Aerospace Services has been chosen by Honda as the distributor of HondaJet in the SE Asian market has caught public attention. 

What does ‘airport overloading’ mean for the economy?

VietNamNet Bridge - Everyone complains that airports are getting overloaded, but economists and businesspeople say this is a good sign that the national economy is robust.