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Vietnam will catch up with Thailand in the number of domestic air carriers, just second to Indonesia, when all air carriers that have applied for a license begin operation.

More airlines are operating, but challenges lie ahead

Six airlines have licenses to operate, while two airlines have applied for licenses at state management agencies.

Will non-stop flights to the US be profitable?

Vietnam has all legal conditions to open non-stop air routes to the US. However, air carriers are still reluctant to fly non-stop to the US for fear for losses.

No licenses for airlines without training plans: CAAV

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) is encouraging the establishment of new carriers, but it will not grant operating licenses to carriers that fail to present plans for training human resources, particularly pilots.


Is there space for Vietstar Airlines?

Will the sixth airline be able to make things happen in the market with five other competitors?

How many airlines should Vietnam have?

The move by Vingroup to establish Vinpearl Air once again shows the attractiveness of the domestic aviation market.

More airlines join market, putting pressure on infrastructure

Vo Huy Cuong, deputy head of the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) on July 10 confirmed that CAAV has not received an application for a license from Vinpearl Air JSC.

Vinpearl Air prepares for launch?

Vingroup, the multi-field conglomerate, has taken the first step to join the aviation market, setting up Vinpearl Air JSC, VinAviation School, and VPA Training Center.

Foreign airlines open more routes to Vietnam

More foreign air carriers have opened new direct air routes in the growing aviation sector in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s aviation market faces unhealthy competition

Pilots have more flying hours than allowed, while air carriers are paying high salaries to attract pilots or poach them from other airlines.

Aviation market levelling off after hot development period

Businesses say that the air transportation market is becoming saturated and growth has slowed down. The era when air carriers obtained growth with an increased number of passengers appears to be over.

Aviation infrastructure remains heady issue

Vietnam’s aviation industry has been witnessing steady 2-digit growth rates over the last 10 years.

Is the 'hot' development period of the aviation market over?

Vietnam’s aviation market has shown signs of a growth slowdown since 2017 after a hot development period that extended to 2016.

Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways scramble for pilots

Chair of Vietnam Airlines Pham Ngoc Minh says the nation’s flag air carrier is planning to raise wages for its pilots equal to 90 percent of the average level in Southeast Asia.

What airlines will farewell in Vietnam’s aviation market?

Bamboo Airways, which joined the domestic market in late 2018, has had a clash with Vietnam Airlines, the veteran.

Who will take responsibility for Jetstar’s losses?

Jetstar Pacific (JPA), one of the earliest airlines present in Vietnam, has been taking losses for years.

Aviation authority, France firm study upgrading Noi Bai int’l airport

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) and France’s ADPi company signed an MoU in Hanoi on April 24 on cooperation in studying a project on expanding and outlining a detailed master plan on Noi Bai International Airport.


Airline catering competition heats up with new players

The airline catering market has become more crowded with the appearance of newcomers.


How many airlines should Vietnam have?

VietNamNet Bridge - Tran Trong Kien, CEO of Thien Minh Group, believes the aviation market is still large enough for new air carriers. 

Local airlines offer cheap prices for new international routes

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam’s airlines have opened new international air routes and are running more sale promotions, especially to key tourism markets.