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Students can have no more than 18 periods of private tutoring a week. They can also choose their private tutors with classes of no more than 45 students in each.

Exam preparation industry killing students’ creativity

Vietnamese students have to take many standardized tests, which has led to the creation of a giant exam preparation industry. However, the industry is killing students’ creativity, experts say.

90 percent of university students take extra English classes

Eleven percent of university students say they study English only at school, while nearly 90 percent of students take extra English lessons at foreign language centers or via the internet, because lessons at school are not sufficient to pass exams.

Parents deprive children of play by sending them to school before six

VietNamNet Bridge - Many Vietnamese who describe themselves as ‘progressive parents’ have criticized those who send their children to school before aged six.

New academic year begins, students rush to private classes

VietNamNet Bridge - Though the new academic year only began several days ago, students are as busy as bees with overloaded learning schedules. 

Vietnamese students need harmonious curriculum

Nguyen Minh Thuyet, editor in chief of the curriculum for comprehensive education reform, tells the Kinh te & Do thi newspaper that the reform must ensure harmonisation throughout the curriculum.

Kids have no space or time to enjoy their vacation

The lack of adequately equipped playgrounds and healthy entertainment activities has become a concern in rural areas, especially during the long summer vacation.

Extra classes deprive Vietnamese children of a real summer

Immediately after announcing information about summer classes early in May, the 218 Ly Tu Trong extra education centre in HCM City was packed with hundreds of parents queuing till early in morning to sign their children up.

Urban kids not getting enough exercise in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge – It is accepted by everyone that children need plenty of regular physical exercise, but parents in major cities are not doing enough to ensure this, 

Private tutoring discouraged

 VietNamNet Bridge – Minister of Education and Training Phung Xuan Nha spoke with the Nhan Dan (People) weekly about private tutoring and education reform plans.

HCM City to ease ban on extra classes

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vo Van Hoan, chief of staff and spokesperson for the HCM City People’s Committee, said the ban on extra classes would be reviewed.

Ban on after-school lessons a step in right direction

 VietNamNet Bridge – At a meeting with HCM City People’s Council last week, a principal of a local public primary school burst into tears while talking about a harsh prohibition in which schools are no longer permitted to operate extra classes.

Despite the ban, HCM City schools open extra classes during summer

VietNamNet Bridge - While many HCM City schools have stopped giving extra lessons to students in the summer holiday, following the city authorities’ ban, many others still maintain classes, citing many reasons.

HCM City ends extra classes outside school in school year 2016-2017

VietNamNet Bridge – Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee asked the Department of Education and Training and the Department of Culture and Sports to end extra classes outside the schools except for foreign training centers and studying centers. 

Teachers promise not to open private classes if salary high enough

Analysts say they don’t believe the Ministry of Education and Training can prohibit private teaching unless the wage policy is adjusted and teachers’ salaries are high enough to cover their basic needs.

Role reversal lets young students take charge

 The academic year is coming to an end. Phoenix flowers shed their bright orange red blooms on the boulevards of Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.

Is it time to retire the school uniform?

School should be fun and encouraging to students, though some find it hard getting through the entire day, particularly while they're locked into a tight, constraining set of clothing called a "school uniform".

Parents want extra classes for their kids despite ban

One killed, 17 injured in highway accidents; Ministry of Health launches population action programme; Gov't asks for probe into petrol theft case; Parents want extra classes for their kids despite ban; Supplement prescriptions banned

Parents want extra classes for their kids despite ban

 VietNamNet Bridge – Parents and teachers are continuing the practice of double-shift classes for primary school students in spite of a ban by the Ministry of Education and Training.

Vietnamese students rank 5th worldwide in extra learning time

VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese students rank fifth in the world in spending time at extra classes, according to the Ministry of Education and Training.