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The man who can sell 50 types of local handicrafts in America

Although Mr. Pham Minh Ton did not go to college, he has been able to provide 50 “made in Thanh Hoa” handicrafts for American.

Teacher makes fortune through sale of Bodhi leaves

A female teacher from Quang Nam earns hundreds of millions of VND every month by creating innovative goods from Bodhi leaves.

Artist goes bananas with rustic artworks

Dried banana bark might sound useless to many, but by using his creativity and skill, artist Phan Van Dac in Quang Binh Province creates vivid landscapes and soulful portraits.

Phu Yen man makes unique plates from sea grape leaves

Nguyen Van Tuyen, a 38-year-old man from Phu Yen, has successfully designed and produced environmentally-friendly plates made from the leaves of sea grape, a tropical tree.

Reclaimed driftwood inspires greener tourism in Hội An

Vast amounts of driftwood and rubbish pile up at Cua Dai beach in the south-central province of Quang Nam in flood season every October, costing the much-favoured coastal destination time and money in cleaning up. 

How lifeless Bodhi leaves in Ninh Binh have gained prominence

Bodhi leaves, which at first glance appear to be lifeless, become ‘storytellers’ and have even helped hundreds of people have a livelihood thanks to Mr. Hoang Thanh Phuong's skilled hands.

Lottery tickets turned into colourful 3D origami models

While most people would just simply throw away their used lottery tickets and paper calendars, a grandmother in Bình Dương Province is using them to make colourful 3D origami models.

Bringing life to recycled materials

Recycling has become a growing trend, particularly at a time when many are practicing a slow pace of living amidst COVID-19. 

Turning driftwood into works of art

The statues of 12 oriental zodiac animals, carved from giant tree stumps found at the bottom of the Tien River, impresses visitors to My Luong ecotourism site located in Cho Moi District in the southern province of An Giang.

Veteran sewer hopes a stitch in time can save traditional craft

Nguyen Quoc Su’s embroidery business used to provide jobs for a hundred employees and his store in the Old Quarter welcomed throngs of foreign tourists and buyers.

3D jelly cakes beautify life

In recent years, 3D jelly cakes have become a popular product in Vietnam. Nguyen Minh Phuong, a jelly cake-making expert in Hanoi has developed a 3D jelly cake making community, turning the cake from favourite dessert to art.

From humble sedge come new creations

Despite being born and bred in Nga Son, a rural district in the central province of Thanh Hoa famed for its traditional bed mats and other products made of sedge, Tran Doan Hung never wanted to follow the craft

Vietnamese banana fibers reach out to world market

Khai Thai Cooperative in Hanoi is the first Vietnamese business producing fibers from banana stalks. The products have gained favour from overseas markets.

Unique flower brooches

Flower brooch is a beautiful accessory and a highlight for an outfit. With its elegant and charming beauty, handmade brooches from Hoa brand help make the outfit more elegant and more luxurious.

Journey to restore crowns of Nguyen emperors

Before being handed over to the Museum of Vietnamese History, four of the Nguyen emperors’ crowns have been fully restored to their original state by the hands of gifted craftsman Vu Kim Loc.

Making buffalo statues at 500-year-old pottery village in Hoi An

Weeks before the lunar New Year (Tet holiday), craftsmen of Thanh Ha pottery village were busy making buffalo statues – the mascot of the new lunar year to serve customers.

Unique Tet trays showcase national delicacies made from clay

Trays featuring food from the country’s three regions and various offerings for the Lunar New Year festival, known locally as Tet, have been vividly created using clay by an artisan in Ho Chi Minh City.

Handicraft artisans get honourable titles

More than 70 handicraft artisans who have made considerable contributions to preserving traditional handicrafts were awarded honourable titles at a ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce held in Hanoi on Tuesday.

Disabled workers creating miracles

Making handicrafts is a tough job even for able-bodied people, yet many exquisite and vivid handicrafts have been brought to the world by the hands of people with disabilities.

Young man pours passion into eco-friendly bags

A Vietnamese entrepreneur is promoting Vietnamese handicraft products by using traditional material like sedge, rattan, bamboo and wood to make environmentally-friendly bags.