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Vietnam has advanced five places to 54 globally in the latest Global Startup Ecosystem Index by the global startup research company StartupBlink.

Startup forecast to continue sucking in US$2 billion in 2022

Through the first months of 2022, thanks to the efforts and creativity of start-ups as well as timely support from the Government, the innovative start-up ecosystem in the country has made impressive recovery steps after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Startups attaining quicker traction

Vietnam is becoming a rising tech hub in the region, with a growing number of startups pouring hundreds of millions of US dollars into the country, with a strong drive to innovation fuelled by new initiatives.

‘Golden era’ of Vietnamese start-ups

With the development potential and the ability to catch the technology wave, Vietnamese start-ups have attracted foreign venture capital funds as well as domestic investors.

Vietnam is becoming an attractive startup valley

In 2021, investment capital in start-ups hit a record level of 1.35 billion USD, making Vietnam the most attractive startup valley in the region.


Winners of National Innovative Technopreneur Contest announced

Otrafy, a startup that provides quality management and supply-chain software to the food industry, will represent Vietnam at the Startup World Cup next year after championing the National Innovative Technopreneur Contest today.

Global list includes name of Vietnamese “unicorns”

Startup Sky Mavis with the game Axie Infinity has surprised the Vietnamese startup community when it reached a huge total market capitalization - US$2.4 billion - after three years since its release, a record time in the Asian technology world.

Students develop e-portal to bring VN agricultural products to the world

A group of RMIT students has designed an electronic portal to bring Vietnamese agricultural products closer to domestic and international buyers.

Vietnamese startup rakes in $12 million funding

Loship, a delivery startup in Vietnam, has announced that it successfully raised 12 million USD in Pre-Series C round, bringing the company’s valuation to over 100 million USD, according to DealStreet Asia.

Vietnam expected to be third largest start-up ecosystem in SEA in 2022

Vietnam will emerge as the third largest start-up ecosystem in Southeast Asia next year, according to “The Southeast Asia Ecosystem 2.0”, a new report by venture capital (VC) firm Golden Gate Ventures.

Foreigner starts company that makes new kind of motorbike lock in Vietnam

Robert Thorwath, who has been living and working in Vietnam for six years, has invented a special lock for motorcycles.

BioPlas founder seeks capital to expand production of degradable bio-plastics

BioPlas is one of the most interesting and inspiring projects of the Shark Tank TV Show series, where startups meet "sharks" to seek investors.

Start-up grows as trend among college students

Start-up has become a trend among youngsters with driving ambition. Some, though still in college, have started their business out of their actual studies.

Young farmer and his game-changing approach

Feeling a deep connection to agriculture, a young farmer in 2020 quit his job at a local government agency and began growing asparagus and purple onions and raising rabbits.

Young man from Hanoi returns to his hometown to grow oranges, make billions of VND

"The first day I went up the hill to pick up the soil, when I finished, I looked back and found that my field was the most slanted. At that time, I just wanted to find a hole in the ground to hide from embarrassment," Cao Khue said.

6th grader's website and its unexpected success

A free website with a homework search engine was launched in 2013 by a boy in the 6th grade.

Foreign woman loves Ao Dai, brings Vietnamese silk to the world

Born and raised in Europe but Liisi has a special passion for Vietnamese Ao Dai (traditional gown) and Vietnamese silk products.

Young man's chilli business is red-hot hit

A young man from a poor rural commune of Thanh Hoa Province has been successful in growing chilli peppers for export.

Three Vietnamese startups to join Microsoft Asia-Pacific initiative

Three Vietnamese startups have been selected by Microsoft to participate in the “Highway to a 100 Unicorns” initiative in the Asia-Pacific region, a scheme that aims to strengthen the region’s startup ecosystem.

Investment funds to pour US$ 815 million in Vietnamese start-up businesses

Thirty-three investment funds that has pledged to pour US$ 815 million in Vietnamese innovation start-up businesses in the next five years.