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Techcombank, MBBank and VP Bank are top profitleaders

While Vietcombank leads state-owned banks in terms of profit, there are three candidates for the No 1 position among private banks.

Bad debt increases, posing challenge for banking sector in 2020

Commercial banks’ finance reports show that bad debts have been increasing again. Bad debt will be one of big problems for banks this year.

Vietnam banks thrive in 2019, profits exceed targets

2019 has been a good year for the banking sector. Most commercial banks performed well with profit results exceeding the targets set earlier in the year.

The picture of Vietnam's banking sector in 2019

The BIDV’s sale of shares to South Korean investor, the technology upgrading race among banks and a series of moves taken by the central bank are the highlights of 2019.

Bad debt settlement in Vietnam process slowing down

Banks’ nine-month financial reports show that bad debts have increased compared with the beginning of the year, though the bad debt ratio has fallen.

Postive changes made to resolve Vietnamese banks' bad debt

The banking sector had made considerable headway into settling bad debt, restructuring credit institutions and developing the banking system two years since the National Assembly issued a resolution on the industry.


VN banks boost sales of mortgaged assets to resolve bad debts

Many banks are auctioning mortgaged assets, mainly real estate, worth trillions of Vietnamese dong to speed up the resolution of non-performing loans.


Resources to deal with bad debts pending

Established six years ago by the government, the Vietnam Asset Management Company (VAMC) has not been very effective.

When a good policy turns into bad debts

Five years after the Government issued Decree 67, which aimed at supporting fishermen to build bigger and more modern steel-hulled boats, the decree has hardly been a panacea for the country’s fishermen.


VN banks thrive with satisfactory profits, despite low credit growth

Many commercial banks have reported profits of trillions of dong in the first half of the year.

Vietnam banks step up bad debt recovery in 2019

Some banks have recovered trillions of Vietnamese dong in bad debt by selling off assets secured with non-performing loans in the first half of 2019.


Banks rush to buy back bad debts

Many banks have bought back the bad debts that they had sold before to the Vietnam Asset Management Company (VAMC), taking a new step forward in bad debt settlement.

Banks’ bad debts unexpectedly decrease

VietNamNet Bridge - The reported bad debts of many commercial banks decreased within the last three months of 2018. At some banks, the debts were halved.

Investors hunt for foreclosed properties

VietNamNet Bridge - The bad debt trading market is getting busy as properties used as collateral for bad loans are selling more quickly now. 

Barriers still exist in debt trading market

VietNamNet Bridge - Experts say that bad debts will be settled only if there is a debt market, but the market still has not taken shape because of the lack of a legal framework.

Vietnam’s banks: small capital, low technology, bad debt

VietNamNet Bridge - While commercial banks in the world are changing fast to adapt to the 4.0 industrial revolution, Vietnam’s banks are still busy trying to raise capital.

Bad debts return to banks

VietNamNet Bridge - A report of the State Bank showed that the bad debt of the entire banking system had dropped from 10.08 percent in 2016 to 6.7 percent by the end of June 2018.

Banks rush to sell huge mortgaged assets to collect debts

VietNamNet Bridge - The Vietnam Asset Management Company and commercial banks are offering to sell valuable real estate assets worth tens to hundreds of billion of dong each.

Banks take drastic measures to settle bad debts

VietNamNet Bridge - The bad debt settlement process took a big leap after the National Assembly issued Resolution 42, giving more power to banks to collect debts.

Consumer credit: hundreds of lenders, thousands of debtors

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese are increasingly borrowing money to spend on consumer goods as consumer loans had reached $5 billion by the end of 2017.