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The noble act of blood donation goes a long way to saving lives and one young man in the Central Highlands has played a significant role in delivering safe blood to the needy in hospitals.

Diphtheria outbreak: Two more cases detected, 1,200 in quarantine

Two more local people in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak have been diagnosed with bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheria as the outbreak is spreading in the region, the provincial Centre of Diseases Control said on July 12.

Large-scale vaccination campaign to be launched as diphtheria spreads

Vietnam is to launch a large-scale vaccination campaign against diphtheria, starting on July 9, as the contagious disease is evolving in a complex manner in the Central Highlands, with a total of 65 infections, including three deaths.

Diphtheria claims three lives, 34 test positive in central Vietnam

The Ministry of Health has asked Central Highlands provinces to take urgent preventive measures against diphtheria after 34 people have tested positive and three have died of the disease there.

Global coffee price fluctuates, domestic price plunges

Coffee prices in the Central Highlands and the south are predicted to continue to slide downward as prices have fallen globally.

Fokienia trees devastated by illegal logging

A tree that appeared at the same time as dinosaurs in Southeast Asia is dying under the hand of humans.

Natural forests in Vietnam wiped out despite strict regulations

Tens of thousands of hectares of natural forests have been devastated just within a short time.

VN Central Highlands: easy to close forests, but difficult to bolt the door

Natural forests have been closed for a few years as per the command from the Prime Minister. However, the forests still continue to disappear.

Pepper prices become unstable due to faulty information

Pepper prices unexpectedly fluctuated on confusing information, placing difficulties for export.

Natural forest closure helps restoration efforts

The Prime Minister’s decision to close natural forests released four years ago has brought initial effects: the forests have been protected and have expanded, though many problems still exist.

Despite conservation efforts, elephants still in decline

If more effective measures aren't taken, elephants will disappear from the Central Highlands' region.

Central Highlanders work to keep traditional cultural practices alive

Many locales in the Central Highlands have worked to preserve and keep their tribes’ traditional cultural practices alive, 

Chasing clouds in Da Lat

Visitors to Da Lat can capture a different Central Highlands city by having an overnight experience at a camp and hunting clouds when admiring the sunrise on the hills at the edge of the city.

PM calls for urgent action to deal with drought, saltwater intrusion

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has asked authorities in the central and Central Highlands regions to take action to deal with the prolonged heat wave, drought and saltwater intrusion.

Romantic Da Lat hidden in magnificent morning clouds

As we move into the end of May, visitors to Da Lat, a tourist attraction in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam, will have the chance to enjoy cool weather while being immersed among huge clouds.

Central Highlands: Drought drives people to risk life digging for deep wells

Many people in the central province of Gia Lai are risking their life digging for wells without proper equipment as drought continues.

Natural Reserve in Central Highlands ruined by loggers

A large area of forest at the Ea So Natural Reserve in Dak Lak and Gia Lai provinces have been destroyed by illegal logging activities.

Buon Ma Thuot – an urban center of the Central Highlands

Buon Ma Thuot, the biggest city in Vietnam’s Central Highlands, covers 370 square kilometers.

Gia Lai, a lesser known gem in the Central Highlands

If you are looking for a place with lakes, waterfalls and an inactive volcano, the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai will meet your expectations.

Vietnam's Central Highlands provinces cope with drought

Authorities and farmers in the Central Highlands region are taking measures to cope with severe drought to reduce damages to crops.