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MakanSingapore, the first ever virtual F&B franchise fair dedicated to bringing F&B franchising opportunities from Singapore to Vietnam, is set to get underway on March 25-26.

Vietnam among 12 most valuable markets for global franchise expansion

The International Franchise Association ranked Vietnam eighth out of the 12 most valuable markets for global expansion, according to Nguyen Phi Van, chairwoman of Retail & Franchise Asia.

Implementing a solid franchise foundation

After rapid expansion, the franchising market in Vietnam is expected to continue upwards over the next few years with its increased involvement in free trade agreements. 

Cộng Café to open first branch in South Korea

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam’s Cộng Café franchise will franchise its first overseas outlet in the Yeonnam-dong neighbourhood in the South Korean capital Seoul with opening set for July 31.

Franchise market still promises great opportunities

VietNamNet Bridge - Foreign brands have been flocking to Vietnam, creating a “franchise wave” in which more Vietnamese are taking part. 

Foreign giants step up franchising efforts in Vietnam

According to the Ministry of Investment and Industry (MOIT), 183 foreign brands have been granted a franchise in Vietnam, mostly from the US, Australia, South Korea and the EU.

Foreign corporations jump into street-food shops market

The Vietnamese “street food” shop market with products such as steamed rice, banh mi (Vietnam sandwich), pho (noodle soup), banh xeo (Vietnamese crepe) and bun bo (beef noodle soup) is valued at VND47 trillion. 

Incurring big losses, fast food giants open fewer shops

VietNamNet Bridge - The heyday of fast food chains seems to be over in Vietnam. The number of fast food shops has been decreasing in an era when people are trying to ‘live slowly’.

Franchising doors still not open in many business fields

VietNamNet Bridge - Franchising has become popular in many business fields in South East Asian countries, but not in Vietnam.

Vietnamese franchise market in early stage of development

VietNamNet Bridge - Most of the brands to be franchised in Vietnam in the coming years will be in food, education and healthcare, analysts say.

More Vietnamese food companies fall into foreign hands

VietNamNet Bridge - More and more merger and acquisition (M&A) deals in the food sector have occurred recently, with most of the buyers from Thailand, Japan and South Korea.

Why doesn't Vietnam have large businesses?

VietNamnet Bridge - Many newly emerged businesses have been sold to foreign investors as soon as they became better known, and before they could become powerful conglomerates. 

Coffee chains face high rents, competitive market

VietNamNet Bridge - Coffee chains require long-term capital, but profits can be unpredictable as some chains have found.  

Is the franchise boom over?

VietNamNet Bridge - Many investors who once intended to start up business with franchise contracts have given up because of the high investment rate.

Japanese capital moves towards trade sector

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese trading companies are being eyed by many Japanese investors who are planning to join the domestic market.


Real estate starts to recover; Thai businesses seek franchise partners in Vietnam; Vietnam, RoK develop agricultural value chain; Supporting industries to be developed; SOEs make good move towards capital withdrawal

Business chains booming in Vietnam

The biggest benefit of the business type is that the owners can make money from both the daily business and from the brand franchising. The market witnesses the high annual 20-30 percent growth rate.

Another American coffee brand enters Vietnam after Starbucks

VietNamNet Bridge - After Starbucks, another famous American brand of coffee has begun to enter the Vietnam market. It is Dunkin’ Donuts.

Franchisees have to go the thorny path to success

 VietNamNet Bridge – There has been no success story about the secondary franchising in Vietnam, according to experts.

McDonald’s – the late bird won’t catch the worm?

 VietNamNet Bridge – McDonald’s plans to set up its first shop in Vietnam in early 2014. If so, the US giant is slower paced than many other rivals in the market.