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Rice share prices surge, but rice companies told to be cautious

Rice prices have skyrocketed for the second time over the last decade, raising share prices. However, not all rice companies can benefit.

Vietnam sees farming revolution, exports high-quality rice

Anticipating that rice yield and output are nearly hitting the ceiling, Vietnam is preparing for a revolution in rice farming, striving for 1 million hectares of high-quality rice.

Vietnam to have PPP commodity-based group for rice

Vietnam has promoted agricultural modernization and investment via a public-private partnership (PPP) commodity-based working group.

Enterprises lack money to collect rice for export

Enterprises on average need VND 150-200 billion to buy 10,000 tons of rice. They seriously lack capital for purchases, even if they mortgaged their assets for loans.

Vietnam has bumper rice export crop in 2022

Vietnam’s rice exports surpassed the targeted plan by nearly 1 million tons, while export prices were higher than those of Thai and Indian rice.

Crowned the World’s Best Rice, and then what?

In 2019, Ho Quang Cua’s ST25 rice won the World’s Best Rice award, causing a media storm and a fever of excitement throughout the country.

Vietnam’s rice exports seen hitting record this year

Vietnam shipped 600,000 tons of rice in November, bringing the total volume and value of rice export in the year through November to nearly 6.7 million tons

VN set to export 7 million tonnes of rice this year

The price of Vietnamese rice has increased by US$30 compared to before the ban to fetch $408-428 per tonne.

Vietnam rice prices gain top spot on global markets

The export price of Vietnamese rice stands at the highest spot on global markets, some US$20-50 per ton higher than the rice prices of Thailand and India.

Vietnam aims for 1 million hectares of high-quality rice

For the first time, ST25 rice from Vietnam was used in a "special lunch" at the Japanese Cabinet Office. And the "Vietnamese Rice" brand is also on the shelves of 4,000 supermarkets in France.

Rice exports bring in US$3 billion for Vietnam

Vietnam’s rice price is now at a peak, thanks to which the country earned US$3 billion of export turnover in January-October 2022, reported the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).

Prime Minister asked to stabilise rice price

India's restriction on rice exports is said to have an impact on the volume and price of Vietnamese rice exports.

Vietnam’s rice exports seen beating 2022 target

Vietnam’s rice export volume amounted to nearly 4.8 million tons in the first eight months of this year and is likely to exceed the full-year target.

VN rice exporters expect higher prices as India slaps curbs to reduce global supply

With India’s recent rice export restrictions, Vietnamese exporters expect to increase shipments and hike prices, industry insiders have said.

VN to earn around $3.3 billion from rice exports this year: experts

Viet Nam is expected to export between 6.5- 6.7 million tonnes of rice, bringing revenue of US$3.3 billion this year.

Vietnam’s Ong Cua ST25 rice being sold across UK

The Ong Cua ST25 rice variety is now being sold in the wider UK market after becoming popular among British-Asian consumers.

Vietnamese ST25 rice used in Japanese Cabinet Office lunch

For the first time, Vietnam's ST25 rice has been used to process dishes on the menu of the Japanese Cabinet Office, Minister of Agricultural and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan has said at the recent government meeting.

Vietnamese rice enters French supermarkets

“Com Viet Nam” produced by the Loc Troi Group was put on the selves of E.Leclerc Viry Châtillion, a hypermarket, operated by French retailer E.Leclerca on September 2.

Vietnam and Thailand cooperate to boost rice prices in global market

The Thai government has announced that Thailand and Vietnam have reached an agreement to increase the price of domestically produced rice in the global market in the context of rising costs in rice production.

Bright prospect ahead for Vietnamese rice exports

With the global food price index recently reaching its highest point, there is a positive outlook ahead for rice exporters in Asia, including Vietnam, moving forward, according to industry insiders.