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Vietnam's ‘big four’ banks raise charter capital to meet standards

Increasing chartered capital is the most important task for the four state-owned commercial banks. If their CARs are lower than Basel II standards, they will have to restrict lending.

For every VND100 that businesses have, they borrow VND65: FiinGroup

FiinGroup’s president Nguyen Quang Thuan said the ratio is calculated based on more than 1,000 listed enterprises.

Total assets of banks in Vietnam swell 9.12% to over US$518 billion

Total assets of commercial banks under state ownership accounted for 42.7% of the total in the banking sector, followed by joint stock commercial banks with 41.6%.

Over 67,000 orders for VinFast vehicles in 2019

VinFast Trading and Production LLC, a subsidiary of Vietnamese conglomerate Vingroup, has reported it had received over 17,000 orders for VinFast cars, and 50,000 others for electric motorcycles in 2019.


Vietnam Finance Ministry to remove import tariffs for automotive input materials

The move is aimed to help develop the automotive supporting industries, particularly as Vietnam still has to import massive basic materials for domestic car production.

Total assets of banks in Vietnam increase 9% to nearly US$520 billion

The total assets of commercial banks under state ownership accounted for 43.4% of the total of the banking sector, followed by joint stock commercial banks with 41.4%.

Vietnam passenger car import surges 150% in Jan-Oct

This resulted in Vietnam importing an average of 9,230 cars per month and over 300 cars per day, and car imports of nearly US$1.75 billion during the period, up 250% year-on-year.

Vietnamese remain hesitant about Chinese cars

Chinese automobile brands have quietly returned to the Vietnamese market after many years of absence.

Experts see low risks in seeking foreign capital

Vietnamese commercial banks have been seeking capital from overseas for the last two years.


Zero-percent taxed cars enter Vietnam, bring profits to Thais, Indonesians

Vietnam has become a large market which earns billions of dollars for Thai and Indonesian manufacturers each year.

State-invested banks struggle to increase capital

If the four state invested banks cannot raise their charter capital, the safety of their operations will be affected, according to the Vietnam Banking Association (VNBA).

Should the state spend money to raise capital in state-owned banks?

Experts can see high risks in using money from the state budget to increase the charter capital of state-owned banks.

Banks report high profits, but decide not to pay dividends

Banks, which all reported big profits for 2018, are using the money to improve their financial capability.

Basel II may trigger new M&A trend

VietNamNet Bridge - Commercial banks will be under pressure to meet Basel II capital standards, which could prompt them to think of M&A (merger & acquisition) as a solution for growth.

Vietnamese auto manufacturers eye ASEAN market

VietNamNet Bridge - Experts last year predicted that many automobile manufacturers in Vietnam would have to shut down after the ASEAN tariff fell to zero percent in 2018. 

Bank profits: private firms surpass state-owned giants

VietNamNet Bridge - Four state-owned banks are known as the ‘big four’ with a large scale and profit. But private banks ‘made things happen’ in 2018.

How are foreign banks performing in Vietnam?

VietNamNet Bridge - The number of 100 percent foreign owned banks in Vietnam has increased by twofold in the last two years to nine.

Car ban in Cat Ba Island lifted

 VietNamNet Bridge – After a five-day ban, under 12-seater cars were allowed to go to Cat Ba Island via Got-Cai Vieng Ferry in the northern city of Hai Phong.

Foreign investors flock to limited-availability bank stocks

In 2017, Vietnamese banks have regained their appeal to foreign investors, after a long period of restructuring. 

Low CAR spells doom for state-owned banks

State-owned commercial banks are growing concerned over the critically low capital adequacy ratio (CAR) of around 9 per cent, which also hit the minimum required CAR for the Vietnamese banking system.